Words Of Wisdom…

My heroes in life have given me a myriad of “words of wisdom”. Many of those words will eventually be included on the left side of my blog header as seen above. I realize that many of you come to RJsCorner via modes that don’t show my header, so I have included it above. Let’s look at one of those chalkboard sayings here.

If you get to thinking you’re a person of influence, try ordering somebody else’s dog around.

Will Rogers

I have literally thousands of quotes from Will Rogers. He was an Oklahoma country boy with some strong Indian roots, who just seems to have had the right words for almost every situation. I am using this quote to talk about people who primarily seek power and influence more than compassion and empathy

If I had to guess what percentage of people who want to be elected to public office because of the power that they would get, I would guess about 60% are in that mode. Given the massive partisanship that is around today, that number is likely even higher right now. It just seems like if the other party proposes something it is their obligation to oppose it. The common good currently has little place in the political world. Of course, this has happened many times in the past, but I kinda think it is worse than it has ever been in my lifetime.

A sad part about it is that “smut sells soap”. That is why so many of these power hungry folks get all the attention in the media. I don’t think a day has gone by in the last six years that the word “Trump” has not been mentioned many times a day in media sources. When I open up my daily feeds each morning The Lindsey Graham’s and Ted Cruz’s of the world get top billing. What can we do to find out what the other 98% of congress is doing? Are they all as polluted as those that get all the attention?

I do think there are some good people in public offices, but it’s hard to identify them since they are given no media attention.

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