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With the latest info about Elon Musk trying to buy Twitter, I started thinking that maybe I got it wrong about him. So, I did some recent research to see if that was true.

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Buying Twitter immediately hearkened that Trump is trying to make his own version of Twitter! I got to thinking “Is Elon Musk another Trump in sheep’s clothing?”

From what I found, I was assured that he, like me, is still a fiscal conservative but a social liberal. Even though he is the world’s richest person, he still thinks about those who are challenged in life. I realize that he sometimes says things that are pretty outrageous to many. He after all, like me, has some serious Aspie traits, so those things naturally come out once in a while. I’m sure many of my regular readers here remember when some of the things I say seem kind of peculiar 🥴. We Aspies just don’t have much of a filter between our brain and our mouth.

While I was at it, I looked into his religious bent, and found something very familiar. He thinks there is much wisdom in the words of Jesus, but he doesn’t have a lot of faith in most religions around today.

So, Elon continues to be Elon as far as I am concerned. I don’t quite agree with his stand of absolutely free speech. Someone needs to help us to discern truth from lie. Too many people accept both as the same thing now. He says he is a democracy purist, but I adamantly believe in the words of Thomas Jefferson that a democracy depends on an informed electorate, and how can you be informed if truth and lie occupy the same space?

So, I will give Elon a pass on the crazy idea of buying Twitter to turn it private. Maybe Elon is not the person to make that happen, even if it were the “right” decision. But, then again, almost everything he has touched in the last 20 years has positive value, so I will wait and see what his thoughts are about this subject as well.

2 thoughts on “About Elon…

  1. My first thought was that his purchase will make Truth Social completely irrelevant, even if Trump’s platform ever works. Since most of 45’s business ventures are failures why would his social media attempt be any different?

    There have been reports of huge new Twitter follow gains by known conservatives and political fringers, so they expect Elon to allow much more “free” expression.

    Personally, I think he is going to find it much more challanging to run Twitter than he seems to think it will be. And, to service his huge debt he will need a much more robust approach to selling ads.


  2. Musk has a history of attacking and mocking people via twitter that to my mind falls well outside acceptable. I can’t see that improving if the takeover is finalised. From what I understand he believes in absolute freedom of speech and that takes priority over any consequences that might arise if someone should act on false information.


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