On The Road #6 – Day 11 – MyFavoriteTexas Town

Here I am in Clovis New Mexico on a Sunday morning. Getting ready to check out of my motel in a couple of hours. The sun came up about 5:45 this morning, so of course I, as always, got up with it. Yesterday at this time it was already 84 degrees in Brownwood TX, here it is now 44 degrees. Part of it is probably due to the 4100 ft elevation. The difference is remarkable. I will soon be headed to Santa Fe NM for a three-day layover.

Here are some pictures of Clovis from my room window.

I would have loved to have had that panel truck in my earlier years. It has likely been sitting there for decades

Getting to the title of this post. Sadly, because of my fixation of the road congestion and speed, I didn’t take the time to try to discover the good side of Texas. On my previous post, Linda pointed them out to me in one of her usual poignant comments. I just wanted to get out of that stuff as I discovered that it was a trigger point for my Aspie traits.

But before I left I wanted to try and get to know at least one small town in the State. That town is Muleshoe Texas. After so many very small and mostly abandoned towns for 200 miles before it, I was surprised as to its diversity. I first hit the airport. I didn’t see any planes there, but I did see the runway. After that was a stockyard filled with probably 500 cows, some laying on 8 foot tall piles of manure. To me, it was a disturbing sight, but I’m sure the locals are used to it. There were silos everywhere, so someone in the area must grow grains, although I never saw it.

Here are some captioned pictures including the downtown area of Muleshoe.

The Silos of Muleshoe
More siloes, along with the 75mph sign just on the edge of town
Muleshoe is not without its historical stuff, even it is only open one day a week.
The Heritage Center had an Inn, but I couldn’t find the office
Had to take a picture of the city’s stoplight down town. It was the only one
Some prime real estate in the downtown area. I don’t know if something is about to be built there, or if it has been like this for years.

They did have a gas station in Muleshoe, so I stopped to get some ice for the cooler. They only had four bags, but I only needed two. It is getting close to check out time here so I better close out this post.

I have decided that Muleshoe is my favorite town in Texas, probably because it is only a dozen miles from the New Mexico border. 🥴. In about 4 hours I will be in Santa Fe for my three-day respite. I really need one.

Excuse me in advance for any typos here. I seldom release a post as soon as I write it.

2 thoughts on “On The Road #6 – Day 11 – MyFavoriteTexas Town

  1. Three days in the pretty town of Santa Fe and northern New
    Mexico a great idea…an excellent place to recharge. The cooler weather and slower pace will do wonders.

    Arizona offers must-see places. Saguaro National Park near Tucson offers miles of giant saguaro cactus and typical Sonoran desert vistas.

    For an old mining town that has rebirthed as an artist community stop by Bisbee. Avoid Tombstone…pure tourist stuff.

    Sedona and the Grand Canyon have to be on your agenda. They are like no place else in the world.

    Depending on your route, driving through Monumemt Valley is awe-inspiring and the place where dozens of movies were filmed.

    Assuming your route goes through Phoenix, Betty and I hope we can get together for a meal and some face time. We even have a spare bedroom if needed!


    1. Hi Bob, and thanks for the suggestions. If I can get recharged with my Santa Fe downtime, I will definitely be in your neighborhood, When that is for sure I will email you about your address and when you might expect me. I have no idea how long I will be in Arizona. I am anxious to see the sights as I have never been there, except for a business trip or two in my other life.


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