There Is A Certain Order In Chaos

Eskenazi Museum of Art, Bloomington IN

For this Creativity Sunday, I give you an artwork I found at the Eskenazi Museum of Art recently. To me, it is a pretty good representation of what my mind might look like. Maybe you can’t see it, but there is order to this apparent chaos. Take away one piece and the whole thing might collapse 🫣

3 thoughts on “There Is A Certain Order In Chaos

  1. I learned something from your title. I wondered if “Eskenazi” was a variant of “Ashkenazi,” and learned about Sidney and Lois Eskenazi. I never quite found the answer to my question.


    1. I mean my own research didn’t turn up my answer, not that you had failed to answer some random question I was asking myself.


    2. I’ve never gotten into all the name sources, but I do remember the story about Ellis Island almost randomly changing the names of ones too difficult for them to spell.


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