RetComLife – I Am A Forward Thinker…

I am a forward thinker, and rarely a status-quo type guy. That often gets me in trouble here at my retirement community. All of my life I have been in the “Mr. Fix-It” mode. I am always looking to how to make things better. In my mind, there is no situation that can’t stand improvement. I think many of us baby boomers grew up with that mentality. Contrary to what many of the generations that have followed us believe, we fixed many things that previous generations ignored. I still remember when in 1969 the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland Ohio caught on fire from all the pollution in it. We baby boomers decided to do something about it. Pollution is now only a fraction of what it was. We were forward thinkers. The status quo was foreign to us.

I am at the head of the baby boomer generation, and I am looking forward to when we will eventually take over most RetComs. Until that happens, I will continue to be seen by some of my fellow residents as a troublemaker who challenges the status quo. When I talk about changes here in my RetCom, I can see the panic on so many faces! I wonder if the management of my RetCom are ready for the changes we baby boomers will soon force them to make. Maybe they have been living in this placid environment too long? I seem to be almost the only voice that wants to see improvements here. Most are of the “Don’t rock the boat” mentality.

3 thoughts on “RetComLife – I Am A Forward Thinker…

  1. Betty and I are visiting a retirement community on Monday. We will arrive armed with questions about all phases of their operation and their plans for the future. Watch out…the Boomers are coming.


  2. HaHa… I thought it was just us engineers who were the troublemakers. But you are right — its the Boomers. But if you are a Baby Boomer Engineer (like you and me) watch out… Keep on rocking that boat!


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