‎⁨Every Picture Has Story – Sanborn⁩, ⁨Tuscarora Nation⁩

During my recent trip through upstate New York I came across the ‎⁨Sanborn⁩, ⁨Tuscarora Nation⁩, ⁨United States⁩. When I did a Wikipedia search of Tuscarora I am told about the North Carolina version. I have read several books about the Iroquois Confederation, but didn’t know that there were still tribes in the Northeast. According to the info below there are only 1152 residents left there.

When I did a search for “Native American Museums” this place came up, so I had to visit it. The museum was actually just a room off a larger “general store” type place. But it did have several creative works by members of the tribe. The one above got my attention.

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