It’s Time For A Change @ RJsCorner… A Real Change

I will say it up front, I am just not happy with the quality of posts I have been putting out here at RJsCorner recently. They just seem stale to me. That is one of the reasons I have cut back to only a couple a week. I don’t know what happened? Maybe my cognitive processes have declined now that I am in my 77th year. Maybe after 5,268 posts I have run out of anything meaningful to say. I don’t know, but I need to either quit blogging or do something serious to get out of this seemingly forever slump I am in. I am going to seriously try the latter first.

I have been doing a lot of whittling around the edges of RJsCorner lately. Those small attempts at changes seem to sadly be an endless process. So, instead of just whittling around the edges, I am going to blow a hole through the middle of my format and content! I call those changes “Chaos, Good News”. I know that seems a little overblown, but that is what I need right now.

Let me explain a little about the “Chaos, Good News” phrase. It is mainly during extreme change (i.e. chaos) that there is an opportunity to obtain a significant shift in how we do things. Another way that chaos is good news is that when things seem very unsettled, there is a big opportunity for something good to take place. It is only through looking at what is going so wrong that we will finally figure out how to do things the way we really want to do.

To get over this period of malaise, I am throwing away all the lists and schedules, and even word counts here and just blogging what comes to mind and what, I hope, will be of interest to you. No more pre-scheduled posts. No more planning this and that for a particular day, no more “special” projects. Just go with the flow, and just post what I see and what I want to talk about.

I will be focusing more on “my view of the world” than anything else. I know I see the world differently than most, and I think those who read my posts can profit from hearing my somewhat unique views. I am kinda washed out on the “Think for yourself” mantra. If I haven’t convinced you to do that yet, no addition coaching will do any good. So, that will go to a back burner. What will come to the front will be things that I have been self-censoring for a while now. Thus, the reason to include “Unhinged” in my new header block above. I will now start blogging about some “sensitive” areas. Especially those that I feel strongly about, and yes, that might include politics and religion once in a while. It is likely that some of those posts might make you feel uncomfortable, but isn’t hearing differing views is just part of a constructive approach to life?

After living a lifetime with lists, living without them on this blog, and other areas of my life, will be difficult to accomplish. Lists and obsessive planning have been my life.

I am a terminal OVERTHINKER.

Lists and such have seemingly provided order in how I approach each day, but I think they have now become a hindrance. I almost panic at the idea of not having a cluttered electronic bulletin board to guide me daily. Lists were necessary during my corporate life. I had so many things in the air at the same time, I had to have them to get everything done. But, things are different now. What I do each day is mostly up to me now.

When I left the corporate world 22 years ago it gave me the opportunity to throw schedules and lists out the window, but I was just not ready to do that. Looking back, I am surprised that it has taken me this long to finally accomplish that. The primary reason I am doing this is to just live day-to-day. Just do whatever gives me joy each day.

Don’t re-live yesterday or worry about tomorrow, just live for today as if it were my last.

That is my new motto, both in life and at RJsCorner.

I can only guess how different my retirement life would have been if I made this decision years ago? But, I think Thoreau (Walden Pond) would be proud of me for finally making it now. The motto of my life has always been “Simply”. It is finally time to take that to heart.

If you want to provide any thoughts or suggestions, I will certainly welcome them.

6 thoughts on “It’s Time For A Change @ RJsCorner… A Real Change

  1. You are being very brave to take this step. Good for you! I’ve enjoyed reading your older posts and getting to know you, now I’ll look forward to reading and getting to know a new you!


  2. This is the first place I visit each morning I receive a notification you have posted something new.

    Why? Because I never know what I will find, but I know whatever the subject, it will addressed honestly and openly.

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    1. Thanks again for the support, Bob. I hope to live up to your kind words. I have been getting stale lately as I have lost my purpose. That will definitely change going forward.


  3. For me, bogging – both writing and reading – is done for my pleasure. If others gee pleasure from reading me or from me read g them, so much the better. But then I’ve never been one for schedules, lists, plans or goals, so what do I know?

    Most, perhaps all blogs i follow is because the authors write from their heart or soul to some degree. I feel I know them at some sort of personal level. To me this is important. I don’t schedule something to say friends or family, I say something because I wish to share an idea, thought with them. The same goes for blogging. Just my 2 cents worth.


    1. Thanks, Barry for your thoughts. Yes, my core purpose for blogging this last 14 years is to write about what excites me, and makes me jump out of bed each morning.

      But sometimes old habits get in the way of drowning that out. That is what I am “blowing a hole” in with this post. I hope one thing that always comes through is from my heart and sometimes soul. I feel deeply about several different things, and that is what I should be blogging.

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