There Ain’t Nothin That Lowers The IQ Of A Man More Than Puttin Him In A Crowd

I don’t understand this, but if you take a person with an IQ of 100 and put him in a crowd, his IQ almost immediately drops to 80. That certainly is the case for the MAGA crowd/mob, isn’t it? Those folks just can’t afford that much drop. I guess you could say the same thing about sporting events, especially in Europe. I don’t know how … Continue reading There Ain’t Nothin That Lowers The IQ Of A Man More Than Puttin Him In A Crowd

I Am A Disruptor, But…

Something I pride myself in is being a disruptor. The status quo bores me! Usually, in today’s world, by the time something becomes the status quo it is no longer relevant and is in serious need of change. An important part of life is to realize that change is constant. There’s nothing you can do to prevent that. Sure, you can stick your head in … Continue reading I Am A Disruptor, But…

The Perfect Holiday Message

What a very noble idea from John Pavolvitz (click to see more from him). It sounds kind of Native-American to me, but I don’t think he intended it to be. He is what I would look like on steroids, He is constantly questioning why the church is on a tragic path of destruction. I see from the latest statistics that U.S. Christians will soon be … Continue reading The Perfect Holiday Message

Getting Back To The Red Letters…

I don’t post at very often anymore, but I think that is going to change going forward. It surprises me how many views RLL get even after so many years in hiatus. RedLetterLiving started its four-year journey in 2008. That seems like ages ago considering how much has changed since then, especially in my view of Christianity, and the Biblical theology. But I am … Continue reading Getting Back To The Red Letters…

Calling All Storytellers & Wannabe Storytellers

For this coming new year I will be opening up a new blogsite centered around seniors telling stories of their lives. If you are interested in contributing, leave a comment here or contact me at This new blog will be entitled 1001 Words – Stories About Life From Storytellers Over 70. As the name implies, it will be stories about our lives and will … Continue reading Calling All Storytellers & Wannabe Storytellers

Senior Citizens & Technology

I love this quote 😎. I am a techie and a senior citizen, so I just can’t understand why so many in my RetCom are so averse to technology? But, then again, one of the RetComs I visited this summer had 75% of the residents choosing to receive their daily information via smartphone, tablet, or computer. I think it comes down to just convincing seniors … Continue reading Senior Citizens & Technology

I Worry About Old Men Being In Charge

I just passed my 76th year on this earth and my age is showing more and more as each day passes. I know my cognition is becoming more difficult for me. Where I used to write a post here on RJsCorner in10-15 minutes it now sometimes takes an hour. I am physically stumbling more now. I have to accept it that these types of things … Continue reading I Worry About Old Men Being In Charge