I Worry About Old Men Being In Charge

I just passed my 76th year on this earth and my age is showing more and more as each day passes. I know my cognition is becoming more difficult for me. Where I used to write a post here on RJsCorner in10-15 minutes it now sometimes takes an hour. I am physically stumbling more now. I have to accept it that these types of things will be getting even more difficult as I approach four score years (that’s eighty for your info).

President Biden is now over 80 and if he runs for office again he will be heading toward his mid-80s. The video above shows him stumbling up steps, so I kinda think he is about where I will in a couple of years. And then there is Trump. He was not fit for office thirty years ago, let alone two years from now. If, God forbid, by some fluke the MAGA folks manage to put him in office again, he will be approaching his eightieth year. I’m hoping he will finally be in jail by the next presidential election, but given our times, you never know.

Finally, to the point of this post,

It scares me that our country, (and the world, if we still have enough respect by then) will depend on people like me for our existence!

Even though I now reside in a retirement community and am within minutes of medical help I could still die of a heart attack before anyone would find me and it would surprise no one. I know that won’t happen to the president as he has very qualified doctors follow him around 24/7. But, given the extreme partisanship that we now face, it seems almost impossible for anyone to declare a president incompetent. That scares me more. I’m not even sure I should be in charge of my checking account when I am in my 80s, let alone the world! I, too often, can’t even remember to “zip up” after my frequent visits to the bathroom. I wonder if Biden has someone to check if he is zipped up? I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a “zipper checker”. I can’t imagine anyone giving me, or anyone my age, control of the nuclear codes!

I kinda think neither of these guys should occupy the Oval Office in their 80s, but the lust for power likely overwhelms that rational realization.

I hope that the young people in this country, that is those who think that anyone over 60 is old, can somehow take control of things before this coming presidential election. But, even more so, I hope that they find someone among them who is competent enough to keep us out of our constant wars and such that questionable presidents tend to get us in.

What happened to passing the reigns to the next generation? That was such a noble idea that has been usurped by the addicted groping for power. At the time, we just didn’t seem to understand that we now have this radical right Supreme Court that will be around for decades because of Ginsburg trying to hold on to power as long as possible. Will we never learn our lessons in governing, and passing the torch again?

Let’s close out this post before I run out of breath. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about all this stuff, as it won’t be too long before I forget that it is even happening. But, I will leave you with some words of wisdom while I still have them.

There has never been a more urgent time to turn things over to the next generation

We Baby Boomers have had it for much too long already. To everyone less than 50, get off your butt and take control. This is your time to walk the walk. I don’t know how you will accomplish that, but that is not up to me…

6 thoughts on “I Worry About Old Men Being In Charge

  1. Amen, RJ. I totally agree. And, this is also now evident in smaller ways. We were just having this conversation recently during Thanksgiving when I learned that my 80 year old aunt is still hosting holiday family meals for her 58 year old daughter and husband as well as the almost 30 year old granddaughter and her husband. I remember when this aunt was the age of her daughter and was already hosting holiday meals. Our recent church secretary FINALLY left the job at age 82! I am 69 and I strongly support seniors staying “active” but active doesn’t have to mean “in the driver’s seat”. Whatever happened to assuming the role of coach, trainer, and mentor???

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    1. Thanks Don for the thoughts. Yeah, people hang onto things probably longer than they should. It’s likely time your aunt turned over the holiday hosting to the next generation and became a guest. I was very happy that I did a good enough job helping a younger person take over for me when I retired. I heard she did an excellent job, and that made me proud.

      I’m sure Biden still has some good ideas and thoughts about being president, but I think he should quit while he is ahead. He should have been training VP Harris to run in 2024, but that seemingly didn’t happen. But the core of it is that at the age of 80 you are no longer a quick decision maker, or at least a good one. He should recognize that fact, but like most, it doesn’t happen.


  2. We were watching Pres Biden this weekend with Pres Macron…the difference is striking. I’m a fan of Joe, but it’s time for him to step aside. He looks positively doddering next to Macron. Admittedly, Macron is a very young leader, but like you, I think it’s beyond time to pass the torch.


    1. Thanks again for the thoughts, Laurel. I, too am a fan of Joe, but that doesn’t change the fact that his best days are now behind him. The video scared me when I saw it because I saw myself in it. Most often when the body starts to go, the mind’s sharpness soon follows.


  3. Boomers have a grip on money and power. The 40-50:year olds cannot rise. That causes 20-30 year olds unable to even get to the table. Business, government, education- if you are over 55 start making exit plans. As I told my kids (37/39)- they are the adults and we are the elders. They need to be developing the community that we stand next to.
    Biden was too old to run. Anointed by his elderly friends, He spends wayyyy too much time in Delaware hiding. He is being lead around by people who were not elected. I was never a fan though…he always was too racist or sexist for me. He also loves the “male challenge” of the 1970s (who can do the most push ups?). He, like loads of old white people, just hold on to power way too long- McConnell/Palosi. Yes, they can wield power, but they are out of touch with those paying working taxes.
    Step aside.
    Radical change must happen. This is a whole new world. Let the 40-60 year olds lead!
    Funny that, although I am very conservative, we often have the same topics hit our brains RJ. We often come to the same general conclusions.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Janette. We have our differences, but at least we come together once in a while in agreement. I wish the two parties could do the same.

      Compared to Baby Bush and Trump (especially Trump), Biden leaving town is rare indeed. 😎 I don’t know what it will take to reverse this except to put age limits on time in office. But your asking politicians to vote themselves out of office. Neither party seems willing to do that.


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