The Perfect Holiday Message

What a very noble idea from John Pavolvitz (click to see more from him). It sounds kind of Native-American to me, but I don’t think he intended it to be. He is what I would look like on steroids, He is constantly questioning why the church is on a tragic path of destruction. I see from the latest statistics that U.S. Christians will soon be the minority of the population. That is not surprising to me. Why so many churches have gone into cahoots with Trump is beyond my comprehension.

The above quote is John Pavlovitz’s answer as to why we are here, and I kinda think it is as good an reason as I could ever come up with.

We are not here for ourselves or our illusionary hunt for happiness. We are here to be caretakers of goodness, love, justice and decency. I can’t think of a more notable and worthwhile purpose. We are a tiny cog in an enormous universal machine. Who built that machine is kinda off the point as our purpose remains the same whatever it was.

I am glad that I came across this message when I did. Now, that I am alone in life, the holiday seasons are stressful for me. I needed to know my purpose in what is left of my life. I need to know that I am still a contributor to the world.

So, no matter what you celebrate during this time of year, have a good one.

One thought on “The Perfect Holiday Message

  1. Right back to you, my friend. Betty and I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Celebrate the unique person you are and all you contribute to the world just by being you.


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