There Ain’t Nothin That Lowers The IQ Of A Man More Than Puttin Him In A Crowd

I don’t understand this, but if you take a person with an IQ of 100 and put him in a crowd, his IQ almost immediately drops to 80. That certainly is the case for the MAGA crowd/mob, isn’t it? Those folks just can’t afford that much drop.

I guess you could say the same thing about sporting events, especially in Europe. I don’t know how many times I have heard about deaths due to sporting event mobs. There is just something about being around so many other angry people.

The same thing happens to sheep. One sheep alone pretty much decides for himself where he will eat, but put him in a flock, and he will run off a cliff with the rest of them without considering the consequences.

If we could just figure this stuff out, I suspect we could finally obtain world peace. Now that almost everyone has Internet access, it’s easy to also become part of a virtual mob. Just look at the January 6 thing. I am convinced that 80% of the people heading toward the Capital due to Trump provoking them, had no intentions of becoming a mob. They were just caught up in that mentality and thought they would look bad if they tried to escape.

While Trump and Musk seem to want to be the deciders for all of us, maybe they should outlaw large groups of people together? But, if they did, too many people would likely come to their senses and get rid of them. Talk about a rock and a hard place…

Do you have anything about mob mentality you would like to talk about? If so, now is your time…

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