Ambitions Turned Inward – Part 1

My recent post about ambition got numerous views and several helpful comments. Thanks for that. Perhaps the most valuable was from my friend Bob Lowry about turning my ambition inward. Bob and I have been friends for more than a decade now, and he has given my invaluable advice over the years. Thanks to my Arizona visit last year, we are no longer just “virtual” … Continue reading Ambitions Turned Inward – Part 1

Faith Should Not Be A Static Thing

Faith should not be a static thing in today’s world, especially since there are so many who are using their version of God to try to shut off your mind to other possibilities. Many very intelligent people have come to view faith as something they don’t want to have any part of because so often it becomes an excuse for lack of thinking or it … Continue reading Faith Should Not Be A Static Thing

“American Aristocracy” Vs “Adversity Builds Character”

All my life I have been stuck between two worlds. As a youth, I didn’t fit in with the in-crowd, but I didn’t fit in with the out-crowd either When I went deaf, I distinctly chose not to be part of the Deaf Culture, but instead, be a deaf man in the hearing world. When I started earning a sizable income from my career, I … Continue reading “American Aristocracy” Vs “Adversity Builds Character”

A Picture Is A Poem Without Words

— Horace I have tried numerous attempts to bring up photo/art posts here on RJsCorner. Most of those attempts have not proved as successful as I would like. So, here we go again. I think this one has a fair chance of being THE One. It might seem weird to add a new category here at RJsCorner based on a guy who was born on … Continue reading A Picture Is A Poem Without Words

How To Increase Focus and Productivity

This post is primarily meant for all you neurotypicals out there. Most of us Aspies don’t have much of a problem with focus. In fact, we have it in spades, and simply can’t understand why you struggle with keeping focused. I recently read an article in the New York Times (click here if you want to see it) on how to maintain focus in your … Continue reading How To Increase Focus and Productivity

Couldn’t Have Said It Better…

There are now over 40,000 different versions of Christianity around today. To this “Avowed follower of the teachings of Jesus”, Stephen Mattson’s version is perhaps my favorite. He concentrates on Jesus as a divine teacher who tells us how to live every day of our lives. Following those instructions is a 24/7 task, not just a couple of hours on Sunday. Continue reading Couldn’t Have Said It Better…

Why I Talk About Neurodivergents

Before I go any further, I should probably tell some of you that Neurodivergence means is that we don’t think or perceive the world as “normal” people do. Our brains are just wired differently than most. But, then again, what is “normal”, really? Being a neurodivergent person, normal, or neurotypical, is being like most other people. Why would I want to be like everyone else? … Continue reading Why I Talk About Neurodivergents

Why We Get Distracted…

This is a short post about my wandering mind. I kinda think I frequently get distracted because whatever I am doing is just not challenging enough for my brain. In other words, it is boring. My brain would rather be thinking about something else, almost anything else. So, it wanders into other thoughts. But, I believe that is an asset rather than a liability. Whatever … Continue reading Why We Get Distracted…

The Vast Wasteland… Past & Present Versions

I need a break from the world today, so it’s time to put out a post about my past and current TV viewing habits, and give you an extensive list of what I now watch. For the current generations, the Internet and particularly social media is the proclaimed to be a vast wasteland that has mesmerized young people. When they are home, they are glued … Continue reading The Vast Wasteland… Past & Present Versions

What Happened When I Finally Gave Up Church?

When I was very young, I was told that the church was a crucial thing in my life. But, at the same time, my parents seldom went there themselves. Instead, they dropped us off at the front door. I was, for a while, an altar boy in a Catholic Church. The first seven grades I was taught by Franciscan Nuns. Being part of church, I … Continue reading What Happened When I Finally Gave Up Church?