On-The-Road, North Carolina: Part 3 – The Sanitary Restaurant

If I were to open a new restaurant today, I certainly wouldn’t call it the “Sanitary Restaurant”! I’m sure there are some places that are proud that they don’t get any serious violations by the health department, but I’m also certain they don’t mention it as a reason to eat there. “Eat here because, it’s sanitary” Now some background for this last on-the-road trip to … Continue reading On-The-Road, North Carolina: Part 3 – The Sanitary Restaurant

On-The-Road: North Carolina – Part 2

My North Carolina trip was initially scheduled to be about two weeks long, but due to health issues it was truncated to 9 days. The primary purpose of the trip was to visit my “estranged” younger brother. I can happily say that part of the trip was a resounding success. I finally managed to let go of a contentious past that has separated us for … Continue reading On-The-Road: North Carolina – Part 2

Selfish Empathy…

At first glance, the title above just doesn’t make any sense. How can you be selfish and still focused on the well-being of others? In my opinion, with some explanations, the two interweave nicely together. To me, empathy means being your brother’s keeper, especially those worse off than you are. This attitude is what originally attracted me to Christianity. Helping others just seemed like what … Continue reading Selfish Empathy…

Never Let Anything Supersede This

Christianity is ultimately about loving God and loving others. It should never be co-opted by a political movement, a religious institution, gaining power, obtaining control, spreading influence, enforcing laws, or becoming rich and famous. It’s about a loving relationship with God, and loving all humanity created in God’s divine image—never let anything supersede this — Stephen Mattson If you ask me, one of the worst … Continue reading Never Let Anything Supersede This