I Hope He Is Up To It…

This will be one of my few political posts here on the new RJsCorner. I will try to stay out of the mud that normally lingers about this topic.

Even though we are about 18 months before the next presidential election, It looks like the Democratic nominee will once again be Joe Biden. He has done a fair to middling job so far during his first term, especially given the hateful/mean-spirited adversaries now dominating the political stage.

I am three years younger than Joe, so I have known him most of my life. He and I share a moniker in that my middle name is Joe. I have always admired his earthy view of life. I share that trait with him as well.

Joe’s age is prompting struggles with today’s youth, but his age is proving to be helpful with older voters. Of course, we seniors are the most reliable voting block, so that may help is re-election possibilities. But, this senior has some serious doubts about a 2nd Biden term:

I hope he has a strong running mate – There is a strong possibility that for one reason or another he will not serve out a second term. So, his running mate will likely be the next ex post facto president.

Mental Acuity – I know that everyone is different, but I think all of us lose mental acuity as we age. Personally, I know that my acuity diminishes almost weekly now. My mind just doesn’t seem to be able to handle the myriad of things that go through it. I am working hard to try to ameliorate this condition, but I know it will progress as I age now. I certainly realize that sooner rather than later, I will have to turn over much of my financial matters over to someone else.

I pray the Joe also realizes that he is not as sharp as he once was, and when the time comes he will relinquish his duties. But, history just about proves that won’t happen. The saying “Power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts”. Very few with so much power can give it up. There are so many examples of that, still living inside the DC Beltway.

Senator McConnell is further down that road than Joe is, and that is a major reason for why we are in the shape we are politics wise. I guess I can only pray the Trump is finally rejected by a big majority of the electorate and that he finally is pushed aside. Anything is better than Trump, ANYTHING.

Here’s To You Joe

2 thoughts on “I Hope He Is Up To It…

  1. I saw the title of the post and knew that my feelings are in concert with yours. I had brain surgery twice, when my neurosurgeon was 67 and 69 respectively. It may be that this surgery will need to be repeated at some time in the future, but my neurosurgeon has retired. Would I have chosen him anyway, since he performed a miracle for me twice? That’s a question I won’t have to ask myself. Being one year younger than he is, I’m far from prejudiced against older people, but at 73 now, I can see my stamina failing me at odd times, due to the cumulative effect of multiple autoimmune illnesses. I can’t battle through any longer but succumb to the need for rest or even a nap. My brain keeps up until those moments come upon me. It takes a lot of energy to think and communicate clearly. I wouldn’t want a neurosurgeon’s stamina failing him in the middle of surgery nor a presidents during a crisis.

    I have the same hope about Biden choosing a strong running mate. I think he’s done as good a job as any president might under the dual problems of dealing with the flood of complications caused by a worldwide pandemic and bypassing the rancor and uncooperativeness of the other party, a seeming permanent condition in our current political climate. You and I have lived long enough to know it doesn’t always have to be like this and hasn’t been in other times.


    1. Yes, Linda, we do have much in concert and life’s experiences. I cling to the saying “Adversity Builds Character”, and I think we both have strong characters.


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