Starry, Starry Night

I’m sure many of you will recognize the picture above, even if it is kinda abstract. This one was found in a Peoria Museum exhibit focused on Lego bricks. The painting Starry Night by Van Gogh has fascinated me from a very early age, and when the Don McLean song Starry Starry Night came out, that fascination was firmly set. If you want to see an impressive video using that song, and several of Van Gogh’s painting, click HERE

As I just mentioned above, this version of the Starry Night picture was made from Lego blocks, and that is the primary reason for this post. But, let’s start at the beginning. For the last ten years or so, I have working picture puzzles, particularly Buffalo Games puzzles by Charles Wysocki. I now have over fifty of them in my apartment workshop. I have worked most of them at least two times now. I think maybe it’s time to move into another venue for my relaxation periods. About twelve years ago, I built some Lego projects, and found them quite relaxing.

Before I go on, I should probably explain some stuff. Because of my Aspie traits, my brain typically runs at a hundred miles an hour on several topics at a time. I need something to help me clear out all those thoughts, so I can truly relax. Picture puzzles have done that for me, and I think Lego projects might also accomplish that task.

When I moved into my RetCom apartment almost two years ago, my Lego projects from ten years ago didn’t follow me. It was hard to decide what to bring from my 2,400SF house and 1,500SF barn to my 850 SF apartment. I now wish I had brought them. But, that’s ok, it doesn’t hurt to start from scratch again.

One of the half dozen things I tried to make happen here in my RetCom (retirement community) was to start a men’s group around Lego blocks projects, but like all the other attempted retirement community endeavors, that didn’t pan out. So, I have now decided to just do it on my own.

As a preliminary thing, a few months ago I worked a small Lego project to see if it still soothed my mind, and it did. 🙃 So, I will likely put away my picture puzzles and take on some Lego projects. Some day I may just try to build some unique projects as I found in the Peoria museum and shown below. Of course, I will let you know how all of this works out.

4 thoughts on “Starry, Starry Night

  1. I doubt I would have the patience for either serious puzzles or lego projects. But, I can appreciate how the requirement to slow down and consider each move would provide a period of calm and focused thinking.


    1. Laurel, thank you so much for the web address. I simply love it. This site is about pure creativity, and that is something I can only aspire to have. Since I also love architectural things it is double enjoyable. I signed up for the daily newsletter and am looking forward to every issue.

      This site reminds me of something that has been on my To-Do list for some time now. I know I have literally thousands of pictures of architecture that I mean to share on RJsCorner, and now I am going to put that on a front burner along with Quakerism, and Tolstoy. I think that will make a very diverse and interesting stream of posts.

      Thank again.

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