About Me

My name is RJ

I am an Independent thinking, highly functional person who is deaf and has some unique views and challenges in life.

I am deaf, but that is not who I am. It is just an affliction that I must cope with on a daily basis. I went deaf at the age of 40. Even though it is stressful and exhausting at times, I have maintained my roots in the hearing world. I am seldom around other deaf people but enjoy sharing experiences and learning from them when we do meet.

I am passionate about many things in my life. Writing, sharing my life’s experiences and particularly blogging is one of them, so I blog about what gets me up in the morning and what excites me. I blog about my view of the world in the writing style that my hero Will Rogers taught me.

Like all of us, I am a person who is composed of all my life experiences and that is what I write about here.