About Special Projects

One of the foundations for RJsCorner is “Special Projects”. There have been numerous projects over the life of this blog. Here are the latest ones:

Joyous Journey

This is one of the latest special projects. It is about seeking to lead a joyous life in our retirement years. It covers a wide variety of subjects but is centered on creating a joyous mindset for our third trimester of life.

Augmented Realities

Augmented Realities is a combination of three of the things that give me joy: writing, photography, and artistic expression. It is where I take a photo from my portfolio and morph it into an artsy picture and then add a short story. What could be a better way to show you what gives me joy.

The picture here is of me in a cafe next to the Westside Market in Cleveland taken in 2018 during our trip to see Punxsutawney Phil.

Painting with Words

Painting with Words is perhaps my most challenging special project to date. It gets me out of my comfort zone and that is a good thing. It is where I take a thought or memory and try to express it in poetic verse. I spent 30 years as an engineer and poetry is about the total opposite of that life. It is challenging but it is also very enjoyable, especially when I can sit back and see that maybe I do have talents in this type of expression. In the back of my mind I have always wanted to be a poet.

God / Philosophy / Religion

This project is about my spiritual journey in life. It has changed rather significantly in my senior years. I no longer call myself religious but still consider myself to be spiritual and particularly a follower of the teachings of Jesus. This project covers the entire scope of religion and philosophy.

Asperger’s Syndrome

I have always realized that I see many things fundamentally different than others. I never knew these traits had a name until about three years ago. Since I have not been formally diagnosed, as I don’t see the point in doing that, I don’t call myself an Aspie but I say I have significant Aspie traits. This project is about my journey in life in regards to those traits, as well as a general study of Aspergers and the Autism Spectrum.

In Search Of America

This special project actually preceeds RJsCorner in that this blog was actually named for this special project. It is about traveling all fifty States with a camera in hand trying to document the heart of America. My On-The-Road reports from earlier trips are a strong part of this project.

My Life An Times

This is sort of my meager attempt at writing an autobiography one post at a time. It is made up of stories about my life from my earliest memories to the current times.

Will Rogers Says…

This project has also been around for a long time. Will Rogers is my mentor, my hero, and my idol. His writings and his humor are something I try to emulate in my own works. Most of this project are quotes from Will and how they have affected my life.