About My Other Blogs

RJsCorner is not my only blog site. In fact, I have had quite a few over the last 12 years. Here is a listing of the currently active ones. Click on any header image to go there.

I started the RedLetterLiving blog in 2008 to seek answers to how closely Christian churches actually followed the words of Jesus Christ.  What I found after almost three years of intensive study and over 500 posts was that while there are now nearly 39,000 different versions of Christianity, practically none of them appear to center their doctrine or practices around Jesus’ words as found in the red letters of many bibles.  Many seem to ignore his words and especially his commands!  

It has surprised me that this website, even has been without new posts for almost 5 years now continues to get rather substantial views. For that reason, I am going to reformat and resurrect RedLetterLiving to start the 2nd edition. I will announce here when that is complete.

The Facade Fanatic is a recent attempt to show off all the photos I have taken over the last 30 years of man-made structures. I have always had a fascination for thing architectural. Since it has had low viewer counts since its inception, I’m presently not sure what the future of this site is. It may morph into something more creative in the coming months. Until then please give it a view and let me know what you think could make it more interesting to you.

My View Of The World is a gallery photo attempt of showing you what my world is all about. It is kind of the opposite of RJsCorner in that there are very few words and many pictures.