About This Blog

The Foundation of RJsCorner

I am going to do a little ‘explainin’ on this page about the foundations for RJsCorner. Everyone knows that a good house has to have a good foundation in order to survive. Since RJsCorner has been going on for about nine years now and has over 3,000 posts it must have a pretty good foundation, even if it is not mentioned very often.

2017-10-11_10-00-37.pngI started RJsCorner primarily because I had an overwhelming desire to write about my view of the world. I have always loved writing but had never tried to do it around an overriding theme. I needed something as a common thread throughout my future posts. That something turned out to be perhaps my biggest hero/mentor/inspiration in life. His name was Will Rogers. He died almost 15 years before I was born so I really only knew him by his words and stories about him.

The descriptions of Will Rogers is quite varied. Some call him a humorist/social commentator, some a humorist-philosopher, and some a satirist. His words were primarily with a “Tongue In Cheek” spirit. I always try but sometimes fail to use his philosophy on this blog.


RJ’s Corner is about

  • My View of the World is a dominant part of this blog. It often takes a Will Rogers type view of what is all around me. It is where I speak my mind about many different issues. It’s about questioning everything and not letting others tell you how to think. This category is also where I tell personal stories of my life.
  • Stunning is about outside the box thinking and seeing.  It is about thinking beyond the current solutions.  It is also about seeing creativity and beauty around us.  It is about being open to other possibilities that might initially sound unfathomable.
  • In Search Of America is about my love of history and traveling our great country. I have traveled to all fifty State and currently take frequent micro-RV trips with my camera in hand and with history in mind. I share that experience with you along with over 20,000 photos I have taken alo2016-01-29_16-52-33ng the way. It is also about the people also who make this country great.
  • Red Letter Living is a now an archived blog about my five-year study into Christianity and how closely present denominations actually follow the words and commands of Jesus as found in the Bible. I had several different versions of blogs before RJsCorner and Red Letter Living was the first of this series. It contains over 500 posts on this topic and might be worthwhile viewing to those interested in the topic. I occasionally pull over some of those posts and update/re-edit them for RJsCorner.

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