About This Blog

First of all I hope you enjoy this recently updated version of RJsCorner.

I have been keeping a private journal for the past 50 years or so. It allows me to step back and contemplate where I am in my life and to be able to understand how that has changed over the years. It was not until I created RJ’s Corner more than seven years ago that I started keeping a more public version.

Here is what RJ’s Corner is all about

  • Question Everything is a mainstay of this blog. It takes a Will Rogers type view of the world. This is where I take some news of the day and put my own spin on it. It is where I speak my mind about many different issues and yes because it is important politics is one of them.
  • In Search Of America  I have traveled to all fifty State and currently take frequent micro-RV trips with my camera in hand and with history in mind. I share that experience with you along with over 20,000 photos I have taken alo2016-01-29_16-52-33ng the way.
  • That’s Life is my philosophical take on the world around us. A big part of it is RJ’s Life – An Autobiography which is just old-time story telling about my seven decades on this earth. Another important part is my spiritual side. It is where I discuss God and theology. That’s Life is also about beauty, creativity, and sometimes just things that just pop off the top of my head. 🙂
  • Red Letter Living is a now an archived blog about my five year study into Christianity and how closely present denominations actually follow the words and commands of Jesus as found in the Bible. It contains over 500 posts on this topic and might be worthwhile viewing to those interested in the topic.
  • 2TouchTheSky was my six month attempt at making a standalone blog that focused totally on the brighter side of life. Regrettably it just did not get the readership needed to be worth the effort so it is likely in permanent hiatus. But if you need a short break from the harshness of life you might want to browse some of its posts.