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2017-10-11_10-00-37.pngRJsCorner primarily about my foundations. It is the lessons that I have learned throughout my life that I might humbly pass on to you.

It is about “My 10 Pillars” in life that are most important to me and this blog:

  1. Think for Yourself, Question Everything.
  2. You are not alone.
  3. Adversity builds character.
  4. Embrace Change.
  5. Break down myths that put people in suffocating boxes.
  6. Never Stop Learning or Growing
  7. Live & Let Live.
  8. Be humble, be honest, be committed.
  9. Don’t lose yourself in your fear or anger as it will destroy you.
  10. Treat everyone with respect, even those who don’t treat you likewise.

Many of these foundations, particularly the last one I learned from my hero, my virtual mentor, my friend. His name was Will Rogers. He died almost 15 years before I was born so I really only know him by his words and stories via his books and his daily and weekly newspaper columns from 1926 to 1935 (the year of his death). One of the things I try to emulate about him was his very unique wit and wisdom.

Descriptions of Will Rogers are quite varied. Some call him a humorist/social commentator, some a humorist-philosopher, and some a satirist. His words were primarily  “Tongue In Cheek” but in good faith. I always try but often fail to do that here on RJsCorner.


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