About This Blog


Let’s Get This Straight

RJsCorner is a personal blog that sells nothing and accepts no contributions.

That way, I am accountable to no one for what I say here. I speak my mind on a number of topics.

In it’s 15 year existence, RJsCorner has been constantly evolving.

  • It once was dedicated to a focused study of the Bible, particularly the words of Jesus and how current day Christian churches fail to stay focused on those words.
  • It went through a depressing era when politics was the main theme.
  • For the last few years, it has evolved into a more personal direction where I tell stories, and try to teach the viewer some life lessons I have learned.

Current topics include:

My journal posts of 500 words or less about “Having My Say” about many things.

Hearing Loss – Stories on my life and challenges as a deaf person

RetComLife – Adventures in my retirement community, and advice to you

Life on the Margins -About thinking for yourself and living your life on your terms

And some Special Multi-post Projects from the past include:

Red Letter Living – Living by the teachings of Jesus, and how most religious organization around to day have strayed from those words.

End of Life Trauma – about the 78-day struggle of the love of my life

My View of the Bible – I spent four years studying the Bible.

This I Believe – My foundations of life that I have learned over 75-years

Stupidity – A noted theologian said the stupidity was the primary reason for the rise of Hitler. This study applies those thoughts to today’s world.

This blog will help you to:

  • Live life on your terms, and successfully dealing with adversities along the way
  • Learn some lessons from personal stories of my success and failures.
  • Find your path in life, and not letting others decide that for you.
  • Be Unique, Exceptional, Extraordinary, and yes, even Eccentric
  • Celebrate creativity in all its forms

It’s about living a positive and fulfilling life on your terms