Looking at my blogging life, I have been at RJsCorner for 14 years now, I have covered a wide variety of topics

  • It started out as a blog dedicated to discovering how the teachings of Jesus have been carried forward by the Christian church. That was a very eye-opening four years that basically changed my view about religion.
  • From there it morphed into my “In Search Of America” where I posted about my trips around the U.S. and my love of its history.
  • Then it was on to my view of politics. That was popular and got plenty of views, but it was a drag on my happiness. When that extreme narcissist became president, I could no longer tolerate the ugliness of his world, so I pulled a “cold turkey” on just about anything to do with politics.
  • For the last handful of years it has been about my life and times and how I view the world. This has been a very fruitful time that has, for the most part, brought me joy, but…

All of these topics that are no longer active projects are now located in the “Archives” menu item.