All About Meltdowns…

I have let it be known many times here on RJsCorner that I have significant Aspie traits. I have not been officially diagnosed, nor do I care to be, so I don’t call myself an Aspie. If you want to know more about this condition, at least from my personal perspective click here.

I had an Aspie type meltdown about three weeks ago that scared me. I have had a few more since then so I kinda get the reason for them. If you care to read about my first meltdown click here to see that post.

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Laser Focus… In The Groove

I didn’t know which name I wanted to title this post, so I gave you both. This post is about how my Aspie traits allow me to almost totally block out the world for hours at a time.

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85% of Aspies Are Unemployed… What A Crock!

I just ran across this statistic from a medical professional website recently. Refuting that absurd claim is what this post is all about.

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“Favorites” Sunday

For the next few Sundays I am going to be looking back at the 10+ years of RJsCorner to resurrect some of my favorite posts from the past. I mean those posts where I swell up when I read them again. The first of those favorites is what this post is all about.

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Aspies & Grief

This post is a combination of my topics of Aspies, Philosophy, and Religion, but is centered around the topic of death. Those with Asperger’s just don’t see death as most do. And I kinda think that is a good thing. That is what this post is all about.

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Aspies & Empathy

It’s time that I put out another post about Asperger’s Syndrome and why I say I have Aspie traits. It is often said that Aspies don’t have empathy. With this post, I want to try to convince you that is not true using some things I have learned and with some personal examples. That is what this post is about.

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Taking Offense… Being Too Sensitive

I see where Elizabeth Warren has now apologized for saying that she has Native American roots? Her DNA test proved that she has ancestors who were Native American so what’s the problem? Well, it seems that some Native American tribes take offense to her; they are saying a bloodline is not the same as tribal membership. I can understand that but I don’t think she … Continue reading Taking Offense… Being Too Sensitive

This N’ That Sunday- About Amazon (and other such things)

I saw an article in the New York Times recently about how a new orthopedic clinic contacted Amazon to find out who bought knee-braces in their area. After paying a fee Amazon sent that info along with names and addresses of the customers. The new clinic then sent mail to just that select group instead of flooding the area with their advertisements. I guess some … Continue reading This N’ That Sunday- About Amazon (and other such things)

Crystal Bridges

Crystal Bridges is an art museum in Bentonville Arkansas created by the Walton Foundation. It gets 3 million visitors a year and is free admissions.¬† It is a celebration of American artists including significant contributions from Native Americans. For this Artsy Saturday, I want to give you some photos of the buildings themselves. They are works of art and deserve their own accolades.¬† If you … Continue reading Crystal Bridges

I Need More Balance…

I need more balance in my life and especially in my blogging. Part of my base character that is associated with my Asperger’s traits is I tend to become obsessively focused on something and everything else just falls by the wayside.¬† The day-to-day insanity coming from the Oval Office along with the now weekly mass killings is putting me over the edge.¬† I have to … Continue reading I Need More Balance…

What If Someone Better Comes Along?

The¬†title above is a very interesting one for me.¬† Due to my self-diagnosed Aspie traits, my social skills have never been anything approaching normal. I just don’t think in the venue as most everyone else does it seems.¬† Clicking with almost any female was a non-starter for me. I tried it on several attempts but I usually never got very far. So, it totally surprised … Continue reading What If Someone Better Comes Along?

Autism In The Elderly?

When I got a recent comment from one of my regular viewers I realized it was time for another post about Autism. This one is about senior citizens who are autistic but are generally undiagnosed.¬† A recognized statistics is that there are over a million of us that are autistic in the Baby Boomer generation alone. Even if those million were suddenly officially diagnosed to … Continue reading Autism In The Elderly?

Autism and Meltdown

Being a person with some strong Aspie traits, I just don’t handle stressful situations well.¬† Fortunately, I don’t totally lose it as the word meltdown infers but I quit acting like an adult and instead am a panicked kid. In autism studies, these episodes are called meltdowns so I will call them that for the purposes of this post. One of my most prominent stressors … Continue reading Autism and Meltdown

A Touch of Austism…

I have previously discovered¬†that¬†I have some characteristics that are identified with Asperger’s Syndrome which is part of the Autism spectrum. As a result, I have been more deeply studying¬†the topic. I don’t call myself an Aspie as¬†I have not¬†been formally¬†diagnosed¬†with¬†that condition but, I am¬†certain¬† I have common traits with it. I have recently discovered that¬†there is¬†a LOT of¬†variation¬†in what¬†people¬†say is the definition of autism. Here¬†is¬†a … Continue reading A Touch of Austism…

Satisfying Retirement and RJsCorner

One of my regular blog reads is Satisfying Retirement from Bob Lowry. Bob’s blog is much more popular than mine and as a result of him mentioning RJsCorner in his¬†blog list, I get quite a few referrals from it. Some of his readers who visit RJsCorner might be interested in how very different people can become friends. Over the years we have become pretty good … Continue reading Satisfying Retirement and RJsCorner

You Have My Permission To Kiss Me..

This is an extremely hot topic that I want to pursue delicately if I can.¬† It just seems like the words “Sexual Harassment” has come to mean something quite different than I had imagined.¬† Having had limited opposite-sex contact even in my youth,¬† and my Aspie characteristics even then limited my experiences in this area. To be honest, whenever I had even¬†a casual contact with … Continue reading You Have My Permission To Kiss Me..

Till Death Do Us Part… Aspie Style..

It used to be that your word was your reputation. If you break your word you suffer the consequences.¬† But for the words in the title above, the majority of us break our word. Oh, we have all the intentions of honoring them when we say them but then things change for whatever reason. I think my Aspie characteristics play a part in my response … Continue reading Till Death Do Us Part… Aspie Style..

Why are so many women low esteem masochists?

Be forewarned that I am putting on my satirical hat for this post so don’t take it too serious even if it does ring of truth. The title of this post may shock some of my readers but that is what my Aspie side sometimes thinks when I sees some women. It just looks to me that too many 21st century women will go through … Continue reading Why are so many women low esteem masochists?

Writers Should Make People Uncomfortable..

One of the axioms of  writing is that it should make people uncomfortable. If it doesn’t then you are not stretching the horizons of those reading your words.  Even before I heard this it was in my heart. One of the foundations of RJsCorner is that I try to get people to think outside their boxes to other possibilities.  I am constantly looking for ways … Continue reading Writers Should Make People Uncomfortable..

Aspie Traits – Assets vs Liabilities..

¬† It has been a while since I talked about my Aspie traits. I have decided I won’t call myself an Aspie but will state that I have many of the characteristics of one. ¬†Asperger’s Syndrome is part of the Autism Spectrum and the breadth of the syndrome is wide indeed. ¬†Some, like myself live a pretty normal life while others struggle with day to … Continue reading Aspie Traits – Assets vs Liabilities..