On-The-Road Epilogue #4 – The Dali Museum

I have spent a lifetime studying American history, and a big part of that has been visiting museums. I dare not even try to count how many I have been in. There are many types of museums, and until recently the American history version has been my favorite. But, it seems in my elderly years Avant-Garde things are the front-runner. I now just seem to … Continue reading On-The-Road Epilogue #4 – The Dali Museum

What If Neurodiversity Was The “Normal”?

I have spent almost an entire lifetime trying to figure out why I am so different from many others. It wasn’t until a handful of years ago that I discovered Asperger’s Syndrome, and many of those questions were answered. Being an Aspie is not about being defective, it is just about looking at life with a different perspective. People with neurological differences are called neurodiverse, … Continue reading What If Neurodiversity Was The “Normal”?

A Few Of My Favorite Things…

I was browsing through my 2006 Alaska cruise pictures recently and decided to select a couple of my favorites. The two that came out on top were not all the “mountain’s majesties” but instead were of simpler things. This was from a quick stop in Prince Rupert, BC, Canada. I don’t remember what else we saw there, but this sign and its surroundings has just … Continue reading A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Kid’s Nature Discovery Art Contest

A Children’s Art Contest gallery was recently displayed at my retirement community. The talent shown by these young artists is amazing. I was particularly drawn to the one above. 10 years-old and already painting such beautiful pictures. It is very Van Gogh like in it simplicity. I don’t want to leave you with just this one picture, so here is a gallery of a few … Continue reading Kid’s Nature Discovery Art Contest

Hard Work Is The Enemy Of Creativity

Let’s face some facts. The corporate world expects you to “Put your nose to the grindstone” and not let up until the job is done. That creates an atmosphere of workaholics who then go up the corporate ladder, and that self-propagation results in a less creative environment. The more hard work you indulge in, the less creative you become. What is the answer to this … Continue reading Hard Work Is The Enemy Of Creativity

Form vs Function

I think most of my readers recognize the title above. “Form” is the artistic/creative side of the tools and toys around us, whereas “Function” is about how well it does the intended job. It is the analytical side. I must admit that I am stuck between these two poles, but when it comes to deciding which was to go, I almost always go to the … Continue reading Form vs Function

Innovation Is A Margin Thing…

Let’s face it, nothing much comes from the mainstream except task forces, meeting, and other such mundane things. Innovation almost always happens on the margins. Innovation by its very definition is not mainstream. The only way paradigm type change comes is through out-of-the-box thinking. Far too many of us just go with the flow and don’t make waves. We draw our salary and do as … Continue reading Innovation Is A Margin Thing…

Being a Creative Person Means Living On The Margins

Let’s face it, mainstream thinking makes very little accommodations for creative thinking or risk taking. I worked for a number of years for a very conservative mainstream company nicknamed “Ma Bell”. Back then she controlled everything when it came to communications type stuff. When I started working there as a young engineer I had many ideas about how to make things better for both us … Continue reading Being a Creative Person Means Living On The Margins

Competition Just Isn’t My Thing

I have never been a competitive person, except with myself. I don’t think there is an age that has gone by that didn’t have one group or person thinking that he is better than another. That feeling of superiority is just part of human nature. But, in my mind it is a more negative part than a positive one. We all learn about pissing-contests early … Continue reading Competition Just Isn’t My Thing