EPS – Favorites

I have visited over 40 State Capitals in my travels around the U.S. and this is one of my favorite pictures. It is from the Capital Building of Connecticut in Hartford. I visited there during my recent trip through that beautiful State. I will have much more to say about that in an upcoming on-the-road post. At that time, I will give you a full … Continue reading EPS – Favorites

Travels With Charlie

By featuring this book as its own post I think I have made it abundantly clear how it has influenced me during my traveling life. I originally read this book in 1962, soon after it was published and have re-read it about a half-dozen times since then. In 1962, I was in the middle of my high school years. That was the time when I was … Continue reading Travels With Charlie

About Traveling…

This post will be about the benefits of traveling. I am now knee-deep in the process of preparing for my first farewell tour, which will be into the South, and Southwest of our great country. When I am starting such a focused project I like to step back and ask “why am I doing this?” That question helps me to keep things in perspective and … Continue reading About Traveling…

Seeking US History Buffs

The very first blog I opened in 2008 was entitled InSearchOfAmerica or ISOA. It was about my portfolio of pictures I had taken on my travels around the country documenting historical sites. In those days the Internet was in its infancy so a dozen views a day was pretty good, but the blog just never grew as I had hoped. I have been trying to … Continue reading Seeking US History Buffs

Juggling 4 Blogs At The Same Time!!

Last Wednesday I briefly told you that I am planning on juggling 4 active blogs in 2021. That seems kind of contrary to my statement of taking it easy. 😛 But since only RJsCorner has any sharp edges it should be much more peaceful than handling all the political issues of the last several months. The other blogs in the coming months are more narrowly … Continue reading Juggling 4 Blogs At The Same Time!!

A Hidden Gem…

I was pleasantly surprised to come across a hidden gem during one of my uRV trips this summer. I have been through Dayton Ohio several times before but never really looked for a place to visit besides the Dayton Air Museum. What I found was the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Site.

Continue reading “A Hidden Gem…”

Mississinewa 1812

You never hear very much about the War of 1812 but there was a major battle that took place in Indiana.  It was just south of Ft. Wayne.  The British along with their Indian allies fought an Ohio militia there. It happened after the Brits took over Forts at Mackinac, Dearborn and Detroit which was part of the Northwest Territory (Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and … Continue reading Mississinewa 1812

Painting with Words – Mesa Verde

I am a dreamer to my core; it is just who I am.That is simultaneously a curse and a blessing.I recognize how things are but imagine them to be better.There is no place better to do that than Mesa VerdeMy first visit there seemed almost spiritual.I could almost see my ancestors living their daily lives.How they got there no one really knows.Why they left is … Continue reading Painting with Words – Mesa Verde

I’m Canadian, We Don’t Do “Proud

I’m pretty sure my roots go back to Great Britain, so maybe that is the reason I have such a kindred relationship with things Canadian. They still have the basic sense of being British engrained in them. 🙂 The quote above is from Martha Atwood who is Canadian and the author of “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

When I heard the quote in the title from her it made me think just how fundamentally different Canadians are from their southern neighbors. That and a photo gallery of my 2011-month-long visit is what this post is about.

Continue reading “I’m Canadian, We Don’t Do “Proud”

Cars, Cars, and More Cars…

No I am not talking about the Los Angeles freeway, I am talking about the GoodGuys Car show in Des Moines Iowa I recently attended. I think you know by now that I am a car guy. The shelves of the study are lined with 1/32 scale models of them. When I’m too lazy to do anything else I am usually watching a car show on the Motor Trend channel. I am a car guy.

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In Search Of America – The Great Lakes Freighters

I had the privilege of touring a Great Lakes Freighter a few weeks ago. It is permanently docked at the National Museum of the Great Lakes near Toledo Ohio. I think I saw my first one in the late 1960s. Since that was when steel and autos were king of that region. There were hundreds of them on the Great Lakes bringing ore from Minnesota to the mills on Lake Michigan and Erie. They are still around but just not in the numbers they once were.

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Greenfield Village Re-visited…

I wanted to visit Greenfield Village once more before we close out another year. This visit is a gallery that shows no evidence of the 21st century.  That is one thing I truly enjoy about Mackinac Island, no cars allowed). Nantucket is a great place to visit but it is kinda ruined by all the cars that have flooded the island.  Anyway, here is my … Continue reading Greenfield Village Re-visited…

Cleveland – A Different View

Last Saturday’s “Artsy” post gave you a snapshot of our trip to Cleveland earlier this year.  This post will put some flesh on those bones. 🙂 Our first extended visit to Cleveland was in 2013. We were visiting a couple of my high school classmates of fifty years ago. We took in the downtown area and most of the usual tourist places during that trip. … Continue reading Cleveland – A Different View

Coastal Taco – Cleveland

For the first “Artsy Saturday” post at the reformatted RJsCorner, I chose the Coastal Taco in downtown Cleveland Ohio.  The picture was taken just after sunset from our room at the very eclectic Aloft Hotel. As you can see the restaurant was under a very large bridge going across the Cuyahoga River near Lake Erie.  The food was pretty good and the inside atmosphere was … Continue reading Coastal Taco – Cleveland

The Fallacy of Consumer Driven Capitalism

The two major things that drive the US economy are personal consumption and military spending. With this post, I will try to convince you that is a basic problem for us as a country. It thwarts happiness and is a wasteful way to live a life. But the biggest problem is that for too many of us it is the ONLY thing driving our lives. … Continue reading The Fallacy of Consumer Driven Capitalism

Bullets Or The Ballot Box…

I believe that I live in a country that is just as flawed, but in different ways, as most others in the world today.  One of the most serious flaws is that we have an inordinate love of our guns. Our culture is primarily centered around violence. We are four percent of the world’s population, yet own almost fifty percent of the world’s guns. But … Continue reading Bullets Or The Ballot Box…

Just Doesn’t Hack It…

A few months ago I told you that I was moving my InSearchOfAmerica stuff to Flickr. That site now has over 800 pictures and about 8,000 visits of my travels throughout America.  That is pretty good but one thing that is missing are words.  Flickr is primarily a visual media and there is just not much there to support the written word. So, to eliminate … Continue reading Just Doesn’t Hack It…

(WS) I Don’t Need The Annoyance Anymore…

I have pretty much given up on the hope that those who are part of the Radical Right/Fear tribe will ever really understand my view of the world or that I will understand theirs.  All we seem to be able to do lately is to scream at each other across the red/blue abyss that separates us. Is that a fruitful way to spend the rest … Continue reading (WS) I Don’t Need The Annoyance Anymore…

Orchids & Democracies

This being a primary election day here in Indiana, democracies are on my mind. Two of the most beautiful and delicate things in the world are orchids and democracies. They both need constant nurturing to thrive. An orchid needs the right light and temperature. It needs constant watering or it will die on the vine. The same thing is true for democracies. Too many in … Continue reading Orchids & Democracies