Outside The Box…

For this artsy Saturday, I want to show you an “outside the box” art museum. I love things that stretch your¬†imagination, stretch your brain.¬† I don’t think there is another building quite like this one.¬† It is the Milwaukee Museum of Art. I usually only give you one photo for Saturday but since I had trouble picking it I¬† will give you a few more … Continue reading Outside The Box…

Heinz Museum – Pittsburgh

For this artsy Saturday, I thought I would give you a pretty unique view of the Heinz Museum in Pittsburgh PA.¬† The museum is in an old factory building. The picture here is looking down an open staircase. Of course, the museum includes the history of Heinz Catsup and such but there is also much more there for your enjoyment.¬† I find this picture fascinating … Continue reading Heinz Museum – Pittsburgh

Crossing of the Delaware

One of the first things that most school children are taught about American history is Washington’s crossing of the Deleware River.¬† Since it happened in the dark of night the day after Christmas in 1776 it was a rather dramatic event.¬† It was also an important victory for the fledgling American army who had suffered mostly defeats up till then. If you are ever near … Continue reading Crossing of the Delaware

On The Road – Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park in southern Indiana is one of my favorites. The campgrounds are well laid out and maintained and the hiking trails are manageable for this senior.  And of course, the park is a mecca for photographers. As is my custom on my micro-RV trips I had breakfast at the inn after a night in the campgrounds. Being close to Madison Indiana, the campground makes … Continue reading On The Road – Clifty Falls State Park


There is just something about small-town facades that fascinates me. It is probably because¬†of the symmetry¬†and patterns.¬† I am currently working on a photo collection that will soon be available in the “Photo Collections” pages in the header above.¬† This one was taken recently in Rockville Indiana. One thing unusual about this photo is that none of the windows above the store are boarded or … Continue reading Facades

Future GOP Celebrations of the Trump Presidency??

Will a day come in the future that the GOP will actually celebrate the years of the Trump presidency? That seems to be an extremely unlikely scenario but I can see how it could happen.¬† The reason I say that is because the Democrats celebrate what they call one of their party’s best presidents when I think he was anything but that.¬† To me, this … Continue reading Future GOP Celebrations of the Trump Presidency??

In Search Of The Original America

One of the primary threads here at RJsCorner is my InSearchOfAmerica posts. That is where I travel around this great country to find stories and take pictures.¬† The majority of this search has been about our early days as a nation. I recently realized that I am omitting a large part of this search for America’s roots.¬† It actually occurred¬†centuries before the European¬†conquest of America. … Continue reading In Search Of The Original America

Appalacian Folk Art

When I visited the Museum of Appalachia in Norris Tennessee this last fall I was totally unprepared for the fullness of the experience. I came away with a much-expanded understanding of what it might have been like to live in such an isolated area. The way the museum personalized every display which made me almost think that I knew the people themselves who made the … Continue reading Appalacian Folk Art

On-The-Road – Studebaker Museum

I had been in South Bend Indiana a couple of times in the past few years before I realized that it was the home of Studebaker car manufacturing.¬† So, I thought it was worth another trip to that city. It was the last trip I took for the 2017 season. While Studebaker was never considered a mainstream car it was a well made and totally … Continue reading On-The-Road – Studebaker Museum

On The Road – Ft William, Thunderbay Canada

With this post, I am going to try to add more on-the-road trip reports here to RJsCorner. I thought this would be a good project for the 2017-18 winter months. The subject of this post is Ft. William in Thunderbay Ontario Canada which is on the north side of Lake Superior. It is in my top five historic sites I have ever visited. Here is … Continue reading On The Road – Ft William, Thunderbay Canada


I have certainly had some fun visiting the rendezvous in the last few years.¬† They are becoming my favorite venue for my micro-RV trips. With temperatures in the 60s today and much of November, it doesn’t feel like winter (thank goodness) but I am still in the mode of looking back with my picture portfolio. So, I have gathers some pics to celebrate rendezvous.¬† Someday, … Continue reading Rendezvous…

Small Town America

My InSearchOfAmerica project takes me through literally thousands of small towns that once had a population a few hundred or less, and the vast majority of them are basically hollow shells of what they once were.¬† We have to face the fact that “small town America” is a thing of the past. It was a 20th century phenomenon that simply outlived its time. When most … Continue reading Small Town America

Madison Indiana

In Search Of America — My InSearchOfAmerica has taken me to Madison Indiana on several occasions.¬† The most recent trip was in August of 2016 when I snapped the following gallery of pictures.¬† With so many small towns¬† that are dead or dying¬† it is nice to see some flourishing. Madison Indiana is on the Ohio River and once gained its livelihood from barge traffic. … Continue reading Madison Indiana

Henry Clay Historic Site… Sigh…

¬† I have always admired Henry Clay for being a statesmen during some tumultuous times in America and was looking forward to visiting his home during my last micro-RV trip through Kentucky and Tennessee. I don’t like giving negative reports here on RJsCorner especially when it come to important historical site but this one deserves it. I got there at 1:05pm to tour the home … Continue reading Henry Clay Historic Site… Sigh…

Perpetual Motion..

¬† I thought for this mid-week post I would again visit the Museum of the Appalachia. This time I want to concentrate on Asa Jackson and his perpetual motion machine.¬† It looks like Asa spent many hours working on his machine, twiddling this and that until he got it just right.¬† He was convinced that he accomplished what Leonardo Da Vinci couldn’t do even if … Continue reading Perpetual Motion..

The Soul of America?

Red America sure is a strange place to me. They wave the flag with such vigor and then go about trying to prevent those who might vote differently than them from having their say. In the 60s it was primarily African Americans who had their attention, now they have expanded way beyond that group. Red America makes no sense to me. Every gun tragedy that … Continue reading The Soul of America?

Tongue In Cheek..

I am going to do a little ‘explainin’ on this post about the foundations for RJsCorner. Everyone knows that a good house has to have a good foundation in order to survive. Since RJsCorner has been going on for almost nine years now and has over 3,000 posts it must have a pretty good foundation, even if it is not mentioned very often. I started … Continue reading Tongue In Cheek..

Red America & Blue America (after the divorce)..

If you haven’t already read the first two posts in this series I would highly recommend you do that now because this one won’t make much sense if you don’t. Red & Blue America –¬†Part 1¬† Red & Blue America –¬†Part 2 Last time I promised you a settled map of what Red America and Blue America might look like under the “My View of … Continue reading Red America & Blue America (after the divorce)..

In Case You Wondered…

Being a regular viewer of the cable TV show American Pickers I am very aware that people collect just about everything in the world. Being as how the USA is driven by consumer spending it’s not surprising that we have some of the biggest collections in the world. In case you were wondering there is even a museum in Madison Wisconsin dedicated to a mustard … Continue reading In Case You Wondered…