The Adventures Of Youth… Colorado Mountain Top

I was a single guy of 30 years when I took this adventure. It was on a mountain top in western Colorado, although I don’t remember exactly where now. I spent the year before outfitting my recently purchased Chevy van as a camper. My freshly minted roommate and I left Indiana one morning and were at the 10,000 ft elevation twenty-four hours later. That same … Continue reading The Adventures Of Youth… Colorado Mountain Top

Why I Talk About Neurodivergents

Before I go any further, I should probably tell some of you that Neurodivergence means is that we don’t think or perceive the world as “normal” people do. Our brains are just wired differently than most. But, then again, what is “normal”, really? Being a neurodivergent person, normal, or neurotypical, is being like most other people. Why would I want to be like everyone else? … Continue reading Why I Talk About Neurodivergents

I’m An Artist, I Paint With Words

All my life, I have always been envious of people who could take up a brush or pencil and create things from their minds. I tried that some in my youth, but never really got to a level that didn’t embarrass me. I tried it recently with the same result. Drawing and painting is just something that isn’t in my talent base. But, that got … Continue reading I’m An Artist, I Paint With Words

Sharing Our Life Stories

I have been trying to get some of the folks here in my RetCom (retirement community) to think about putting their life experiences on-line so that others might learn from them, or at least be entertained by them. Some of the stories I have heard are simply amazing. I realize that not everyone has the talents to accomplish such a task of telling their life … Continue reading Sharing Our Life Stories

The Last Time

This particular picture was taken looking out a window in the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg FL. I love geometric shapes, so this one pic drew me in. Of course, looking out the window gives you a strong sense of Florida. This Spring my older brother suddenly came to mind. The last time I visited him was twenty years ago in 2002. At that … Continue reading The Last Time

For The First Time In My Life…

For the vast majority of my existence, I have always believed that my commitments have dictated that I live on other people’s terms. In the last year or so, I have reached that point where I can live as I choose without considering others. In some ways being able to live on your own terms is scary…. I just don’t seem to know how to … Continue reading For The First Time In My Life…

An In-Depth Story about One of My Disabilities…Part 1

My paper copy In-Box is always overflowing, much of it with now useless stuff. Recently I decided to clean it out. That’s when I came across a copy of a March 2013 post from my friend Bob Lowery at The post was an interview about my life as a deaf person. As I scanned the copy, it came to me that I have never … Continue reading An In-Depth Story about One of My Disabilities…Part 1

Can Dreams Become Reality?

I am a lifelong dreamer. I seem to constantly be thinking about how my world could be better if only… But, if you spend too much time dreaming, can that eventually become your reality? That is what this post is all about. Nothing too ambitions huh? By not going down a road, it will always remain a road ahead. A personal example of that is … Continue reading Can Dreams Become Reality?

Good Patches Come And Go…

Good patches come and go, but in the end it is all about laying in the sun. Of course, the quote above came from an avid sunbather, but it does have a more profound meaning. Presently, I am suffering from some not-so-good times. Too many memories flooding my consciousness. Too many realities that are not so pleasant. I barely knew him, but I miss my … Continue reading Good Patches Come And Go…

Remembering The Love Of My Life – Alone Together…

Today is the first anniversary of my wife’s death. I still think of her everyday, but maybe a little less often now. Just before we got married, she asked me if we were making the right decision? I told her “only time would tell”. Well, we lasted for 34 years, I guess I can say it was a good decision. When I went deaf two … Continue reading Remembering The Love Of My Life – Alone Together…

Remembering The Love Of My Life – Advice & A Secret Revealed

In the last few weeks before her death in hospice, my wife and I managed to have a serious conversation about coping with life, particularly mine after she is gone. It was fortunate that the conversation happened when it did as she soon thereafter she sank into a malaise and was unable to communicate via signing or anything else. I had several Aspie meltdowns in … Continue reading Remembering The Love Of My Life – Advice & A Secret Revealed

Remembering The Love Of My Life – GDL & New Jersey

My wife was just not a person of action. She would rather just enjoy each day as they came along. Her card and board games, picture puzzles, naps, and TV shows were her daily activities throughout our married life. She hated change, and when I forced it upon her, she didn’t appreciate it at all! But, after it happened, she most often grudgingly admitted she … Continue reading Remembering The Love Of My Life – GDL & New Jersey

Remembering The Love Of My Life – Her Early Years

It was a year ago this Thursday that my wife drew her last breath. Of course, I am having some serious emotions about that. I decided that to commemorate her life, I will write some heartfelt posts about her this week that will allow you to get to know her. Writing is what I do best, so I think that is the most appropriate way … Continue reading Remembering The Love Of My Life – Her Early Years

Oh, Those Dreaded Routines…

One of the things that has almost been a constant here at RJsCorner for the last few years is my statement that I embrace change and loathe routines. My recent On-The-Road journey across the South and Southwest U.S. has proven that to be for the most part inaccurate. I still like to experience change once in a while, but I have come to recognize that … Continue reading Oh, Those Dreaded Routines…

Life Exists, But It Is Never Fulfilled By Too Much Caution

I sadly have pretty much lived my life based with too much caution. I spent twenty years in a profession that I never really liked because I was afraid to be without a paycheck. I never really managed to live my life on my terms until these last few years. I always wore a mask that others expected me to wear. That is the story … Continue reading Life Exists, But It Is Never Fulfilled By Too Much Caution

RetComLife#33 – I Am Tired Of …

Here I am sitting at my keyboard again, when I should be having dinner. Let me explain a little more. Some of you know that I have Aspie traits that make social situations uncomfortable. For that reason, I usually go to dinner here in my retirement community during the last fifteen minutes of the meal hour. I go down then because there is usually a … Continue reading RetComLife#33 – I Am Tired Of …

Travels With Charlie

By featuring this book as its own post I think I have made it abundantly clear how it has influenced me during my traveling life. I originally read this book in 1962, soon after it was published and have re-read it about a half-dozen times since then. In 1962, I was in the middle of my high school years. That was the time when I was … Continue reading Travels With Charlie

A Huge Sigh of Relief & A New Direction

One of the most peaceful places I know is the Pleasant Hill Shaker Village near Lexington KY. I have been there more times than I can count. I go there in times of my deepest depression. It is a place to unwind and put things in perspective. As this election process is winding down I feel like I need to spend a month there to … Continue reading A Huge Sigh of Relief & A New Direction

Deafness = Sounds of Silence… Nah

I thought I would use this Saturday’s post as a little lesson in deafness, mine at least… 🙄 When I started my engineering life in 1970 I had at least some functional hearing in my right ear. It was enough for me to pass in the hearing world. Ironically, my first assignment was about measuring sound and that involved an anechoic chamber as shown above. … Continue reading Deafness = Sounds of Silence… Nah

Adversity Builds Character

The phrase in the title above comes from Friedrich Nietzsche who was a German researcher of philosophy in the mid 1800s. He was considered a child prodigy who unapologetically spoke his mind on a number of topics. I kinda live by that strategy myself. 🤓 He had many controversial quotes attached to his name, but I seriously cling to the one above as being fundamental … Continue reading Adversity Builds Character

In To The Looking Glass – 1965 – 1980

In 1965 I was a high school senior in a very small-town rural school. The building was built about 80 years before and the creaking stairs and just about everything else showed the wear. The basement used to be the gymnasium but that had sometimes since moved next to the International Harvester repair shop downtown. We were the biggest graduating class in the schools’ history, all sixty-nine of us.

Continue reading “In To The Looking Glass – 1965 – 1980”