The source:¬† The headline: Armstrong encouraged doping Tell me it isn’t so; Lance doped!! Here we are with […]

As usual the Republicans are at it again. They are coming out in force to say how terrible Obama-care is but offering no solutions themselves. I guess they think they got the house back with this strategy so they will keep it up. They seem intense about giving insurance companies the right to deny coverage for “pre-existing conditions” and taking away possible healthcare from those who cannot currently afford it. ¬†Is this really what Americans want? If it is I am ashamed to call myself one.

A quiet before the storm… It is a quiet afternoon playing with my blogs. I need it as next week I will be preparing all the meals at Backstreet Missions soup kitchen. Sandy, the regular cook, is taking some much need time off with her family. I hope I survive all the standing up. ūüôā