Common People….

Nobody wants to be called Common People, especially common people.” – Will Rogers, 21 June 1925 Ain’t that the truth Will, even in the 21st century. It is always surprising at how many people claim themselves to be middle-class versus those who really are. According to Wikipedia most researchers put the middle class in two categories: Upper Middle Class – Those are folks who earn … Continue reading Common People….

Those Words…

We ask all Republicans to come together to defeat extremist Hollywood liberal Allison Lundergan Grimes this fall.” SOURCE: Conservative Groups Spin a Loss in Kentucky Senate Primary – ABC News. I see where Mitch McConnell escaped the attempted siege of the Senate Minority leader recently. The words above are part of his victory speech. Even though this quote is about politics, this post is not … Continue reading Those Words…

What Happens???

WASHINGTON — It’s entirely up to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) whether 2.6 million unemployed Americans get their benefits back, at least according to the two senators most involved in legislation to restore the compensation. SOURCE:  Unemployment Extension In Boehner’s Hands, Says Heller. It troubles me that so much power is being concentrated in so few people. When one person can decide whether millions will … Continue reading What Happens???

60 years of Political Gerrymandering

  What’s at stake, after all, is citizens’ representation in Congress. Partisan gerrymandering undermines the whole notion of a representative government. For proof, just look toward the lopsided seat distribution in the current Congress. SOURCE:  What 60 years of political gerrymandering looks like – The Washington Post. I don’t know if gerrymandering was a foregone conclusion when our democracy was formed. Everyone wants to take … Continue reading 60 years of Political Gerrymandering

Big Government – Big Payback….

We all are constantly exposed to all those red State folks who rail against the big bad federal government. But who actually benefits from this bigness? As usual it is not surprising to learn that the biggest ranters are also the biggest takers when it comes to this category. Almost twice as much money per capita goes to red states than blue. South Carolina is … Continue reading Big Government – Big Payback….

Let Them Do Their Own Fighting…

If we can just let other people alone and let them do their own fighting. When you get into trouble 5,000 miles away from home, you’ve got to have been looking for it.” – Will Rogers, 9 February 1932 Thanks Will for reminding us what common sense, which seems to be a rare commodity these days, sounds like…. My Republican friends like to say that … Continue reading Let Them Do Their Own Fighting…

Direct From The Manufacturer….

Tesla’s campaign to sell its electric cars directly to consumers shifted into high gear this week as state lawmakers debated Tesla-related bills while powerful auto lobbyists braced for a fight. In New York, a measure designed to ban Tesla from opening new stores passed a key hurdle, while in Arizona, lawmakers pushed a bill to make it easier for Tesla to sell its cars without … Continue reading Direct From The Manufacturer….

Baby Bush Type Politician….

This being April Fool’s Day I thought I would talk a little about politicians…. This is sort of political but not really. It is more in the line with personality types than about politics itself. Again, remember not to take life or this post too serious. I am mainly just poking fun of those who think they are different from us. I have been thinking … Continue reading Baby Bush Type Politician….

Muzzling God….

Time and again, those who opposed Jesus would quote Scripture. They would remind him of the Sabbath law, the requirement to fast, the provision for divorce, and the penalty for adultery. Jesus seemed unimpressed with a person’s ability to quote Scripture. His interest was in a person’s ability to hear God’s voice. He said, “He who belongs to God hears what God says” (John 8:47). … Continue reading Muzzling God….

Conspiracy Theories and a Hyper-Competent Government….

Most of us, and especially my very conservative friends at least during Democrat administrations, have in our minds how government simply can’t do anything right. Whatever it does is most likely screwed up and can be done much better in the private sector…. In direct contrast is one thing most conspiracy theories contain is the idea of a hyper-competent government doing things way beyond any … Continue reading Conspiracy Theories and a Hyper-Competent Government….