About Those Taxes….

Having just survived another April 15th tax day has been topic on my mind. As I always say I am just a simple guy and all this tax mess seems to be easily fixed if the politicians just had to courage to do it. ¬†But with all the loopholes in the current tax code there are at least thousands of people occupying each of them and they will not be very happy to see them disappear! They might have to start paying their fair share of keeping this great country running. I know I am not the first fellow to … Continue reading About Those Taxes….

Is the Internet the cause of much of today's "hate" talk?

I have grown totally tired of the comments sections that follow many of today’s new articles on the Internet. If it were possible I would blank them all out. We used to be a nation of civility. At least most of us didn’t get into each others faces ¬†to scream and rant. ¬†That civility seems to be a thing of the past the last few years. I don’t think I have seen even the most urbane article on the Internet that is not followed by someone totally dissing someone else. I imagine, or at least I am hopeful that if … Continue reading Is the Internet the cause of much of today's "hate" talk?

I was going to do the ceremonial first mowing of the yard today but with the storms last night and the corresponding cold front I guess I will have to put it off for a few days. I have come to enjoy mowing my 2 acre homestead; that is when I do my best thinking ūüôā Continue reading

Some "Great" Ideas From My Governor….

While the governor of Indiana, where I currently reside, is not a Tea Partier he does seem to think along the same line. First of all we were told when he first came into office that the reason that more businesses did not move to Indiana was because they thought we were backwards. ¬†The reason for us being backwards, at least according to him,was that we did not change our clocks two times a year as most other States do. ¬†We quit doing that about twenty-five years ago. It just didn’t make much sense for us ordinary Hoosiers to be … Continue reading Some "Great" Ideas From My Governor….

An Exit Strategy???

It was good to see President Obama go on television the other day to explain why he supported the NATO no-fly zone in Libya. I think he did a good job of saying how we as U.S. citizens cannot turn our backs on these types of humanitarian issues. When¬† leader of a country indiscriminately kills so many of its citizens others of the world have to take action.¬† Since we have the vast majority of military in the world we had to step forward to help.¬† I also appreciate that he let NATO take the lead in this exercise. That … Continue reading An Exit Strategy???

As usual the Republicans are at it again. They are coming out in force to say how terrible Obama-care is but offering no solutions themselves. I guess they think they got the house back with this strategy so they will keep it up. They seem intense about giving insurance companies the right to deny coverage for “pre-existing conditions” and taking away possible healthcare from those who cannot currently afford it. ¬†Is this really what Americans want? If it is I am ashamed to call myself one. Continue reading

We Still Love our HHR….

As mentioned on a previous post we are getting ready to head off on a Spring Vacation through Maryland, Virginia, and probably a few other States.¬† So that means loading up our HHR with all the ‚Äúnecessities‚ÄĚ. We bought the HHR for our Westerly trip in 2009 and have used it for several others since then. Pulling down the back seat makes more than enough room for even my wife‚Äôs luggage. She says she doesn‚Äôt know what the weather will be so she must take a little of everything. Our little HHR is just perfect for us at this time … Continue reading We Still Love our HHR‚Ķ.

It seems the Republicans are all over the map considering this Libya thing. But one thing they all agree with is that President Obama is WRONG one way or another.  They are very good at showing wrong but not so much when it comes to what it takes to be right. Continue reading

Supporting the Egyptian Anti-Government Demonstrators

I just finished an article (see the link below) about how Secretary of State Clinton praised the demonstrators in Egypt who are overthrowing the current autocratic leader Hosni Mubarak.¬† She made the statement ‚ÄúThe pyramids are magnificent but nowhere near as what you have already done‚ÄĚ. Isn‚Äôt the person they are overthrowing the same one who we have sold an almost infinite number of advanced technology war planes and other weapons of mass destruction to?¬† If it was so wonderful to overthrow this guy then why were we supplying him with all those weapons.¬† I think one of the definite … Continue reading Supporting the Egyptian Anti-Government Demonstrators

Pay and Benefit Cuts (not for us)….

I just read an article about the governor of Wisconsin. He is going all out to bust the teachers and workers unions and it looks like, through a¬†technicality¬†he has done it. ¬†It seems just too ironic to find that they did this by declaring that it had nothing to do with money when that was the reason he said he wanted to do it in the first place! ¬†The main point in his arguments were that state employees and teachers must take some pay and benefit cuts in order for the state to meet its budget. The teachers and state … Continue reading Pay and Benefit Cuts (not for us)….

Made it through another day at Backstreet.  It is getting more challenging to come up with nutritious meals given the limited amount of food that is presently donated to the soup kitchen.  It is sad to see times so hard for so many now. Continue reading

Why Is Our Military Spending So Sacred????

I am horrified by the priorities implicit in our national budget. Why would our leaders put people out of business, weaken food programs, deny college scholarships to prop up swollen military spending? American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) director of Public Policy puts forth the following answer: Most politicians are afraid to touch military spending. Pentagon contracts and subcontracts affect almost every Congressional district. And no one wants to be the victim of an election-time ad campaign saying they‚Äôre soft on defense ‚Äď that they are not patriotic. Our nation‚Äôs safety net is being held hostage by politics and a wrong … Continue reading Why Is Our Military Spending So Sacred????

A quiet before the storm… It is a quiet afternoon playing with my blogs. I need it as next week I will be preparing all the meals at Backstreet Missions soup kitchen. Sandy, the regular cook, is taking some much need time off with her family. I hope I survive all the standing up. ūüôā Continue reading

The End of the Middle Class??

During the 1960s and 70s there was a growing middle class in the U.S.¬† This was due to the abundance of manufacturing jobs and gains won by labor unions. Part of the U.S. history that precipitated the emerging middle class was the takedown of the Robber Barons of the early 1900s. The robber barons were basically a group of unscrupulous industrialists. Who controlled pretty much everything to do with life a hundred years ago. They decided where you would work, how much you would earn, and how you would live.¬† There was no one around to give them any restrictions. … Continue reading The End of the Middle Class??

Screen Glare!!!

  Screen glare is one of my pet peeves. My laptop computer is aging and I would really like to get a replacement. But it seems all laptops now for sale have the mirror like screens! I guess they are handy if you want to continuously check to make sure your hair is combed or maybe to keep anyone from sneaking up on you from behind but as far as reading what is on the screen they are the dumps.¬† You almost have to be in a completely dark room to be able to use them.¬† I know the colors … Continue reading Screen Glare!!!

The Thing about March….

  Here in Indiana where I live there are two things that are almost certain about the month of March. The first one is March Madness and that is the high school and college basketball playoffs. The second thing is the final snowstorm of the season. Basketball, and other amateur sports, seems to be in the blood of many Hoosiers. I must admit I am not one of those however. In earlier years I did follow the playoffs but didn‚Äôt really watch many of them. Now I have no idea who would be even playing in any of the games. … Continue reading The Thing about March‚Ķ.

What is Satire?

I just changed the word “Satirical” to “Lighthearted” for this blog title. It seems that the word “Satirical” has come to mean something quite different than in Will Rogers’ day. Looking at what Wikipedia says¬†http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satire some might get the wrong opinion of what I am trying to do here. According to Wiki there is now a definite dark side to satire that is more predominant today than the more light hearted approach that Will Rogers used. I am definitely not on the dark side and neither was Will! ūüôā Its funny how some words change at time goes by. In … Continue reading What is Satire?

Jesus Christ – Lord and Savior

To me the title of this post is the perfect blend of words. ¬†We must acknowledge that Jesus is our Lord and we must also acknowledge that he is our Savior. Those two conditions are very different so lets study them some here. Jesus Christ is my Savior — Jesus was very clear that one of the reasons he came was to die for our sins. That is something that I have trouble really understanding but I take him at his words. Accepting Jesus as our savior is a leap of faith that requires not much else. It is big … Continue reading Jesus Christ – Lord and Savior

Republicans and Their Deficits….

With all the Republicans around today chanting the fiscal spending mantra you would think that must be part of their very core. I am just a simple fellow but I have been around long enough to know that their new found fiscal religion is just that, new found. I know how all those Washington types love their graphs so I though I would, as usual, put a few on this post. The Republican’s all seem to wonder how we got into this spending spree? Well the graph above seems to be saying something about that to me. ¬†Military spending was … Continue reading Republicans and Their Deficits….

Jesus and Paul – Some Initial Thoughts

I have spent some time with my comparisons between Jesus’ words and Paul’s. I will be posting my first comparisons in the next week or so. But I wanted to talk a little about what I have found so far. ¬†As Sam, who commented on the last post, indicated I have found that a big part of the differences between Jesus and Paul lay around the way we look at Paul’s words. ¬†Do we take each and every word to be for all circumstances and for all eternity or was he ¬†just addressing a particular situation in one of the … Continue reading Jesus and Paul – Some Initial Thoughts

Where Does the Money Go????

There has been a lot of talk lately about¬†deficits¬†and such. It “seems” some of our politicians have finally gotten the message but this is not the first time so I am more than a little skeptical. ¬† But they still are living in a different world than the rest of us as they don’t seem to have a clue as to what causes this problem. They want to blame it on everyone except the elephant in the room. That elephant is shown on the graph to the right. This is the discretionary budget for 2011. You have to scroll down … Continue reading Where Does the Money Go????

Jesus and Paul…

I am going to start yet a new category on this blog called “Jesus and Paul”. I will try to pull out words from Jesus and then corresponding words from Paul to see how the words and their corresponding meanings might differ. From my initial look at this topic I was somewhat surprised to find what I have. This will be an interesting place to go in my study of the Bible. Many Christians today, especially those who call themselves Evangelicals and Lutherans in particular, like to say that “all the words in the Bible are the words of Jesus”. … Continue reading Jesus and Paul‚Ķ

Your Brain Holes Are For Listening….

Some people seem to think that those two holes on the sides of your head are for relieving pressure from your brain when you have to think too much. ¬†Kind of like that weight ¬†thingie we put on the top of a press cooker. I will hereby tell you they have another use. They are for listening. Listening includes hearing things that you don’t already know or maybe hearing a different explanation for things you think you already know. ¬†Many of us seem to get something in our head about a subject and then batten down the hatches on our … Continue reading Your Brain Holes Are For Listening….

Want to reduce the deficit? Cut Congress’ health care

Baltimore Sun ‚Äď January 20, 2011 by Thomas Stitz With the new U.S Congress looking for ways to cut the deficit, we should demand that they eliminate their own health insurance from their benefits. If Republicans are so hell-bent on repealing the new health care law, they can give up their own health insurance. After all, they are essentially independent contractors, hired on for a two- or six-year stint, and most of them are rich enough to pay for their own insurance. Why should the taxpayer pay? And why do we pay for premium lifetime health benefits after they’ve served … Continue reading Want to reduce the deficit? Cut Congress’ health care

If Traffic Lights were Invented Today the Republican Party would be against them….

The first words of this article caught my attention today.¬† Let‚Äôs pull a few quotes from the article; they are in blue below. If you want to see the original article by Anthony Schlaff click on the link at the bottom of this post. “If traffic lights were invented today, the Republican Party would be against them. After all, aren’t traffic lights a perfect symbol for government imposition on individual freedom? The government takes our money to build and maintain them, and then uses them to tell us when we can stop and when we can go.” If I didn’t … Continue reading If Traffic Lights were Invented Today the Republican Party would be against them‚Ķ.

What is the saddest thing in this world???

That is a question that has been on my mind the last few days.¬† I have lived for more than six decades on this earth so I have been exposed to probably millions of different situations but what is the saddest? The list initially was quite large but the more I have thought about it the more it shrinks. I think I am finally down the one thing and that is lazy minds. I know, on first thought, that seems a strange answer.¬† After all there are things like world hunger, hatred, prejudice, homelessness, constant wars, and many other things … Continue reading What is the saddest thing in this world???

Cabin Fever is setting in…..

I just got done plowing out our two hundred foot driveway for the¬†umpteen¬†time this winter so cabin fever is setting in. In the other seasons of the year I spend quite a bit of time traveling and taking care of the homestead. But, in the winter months most of my time seems to be spent in front of my computer monitor. I left the information technology world over ten years ago but I still can’t get this stuff out of my system. ¬†It is just too much a part of my now I guess ūüôā So with all this extra … Continue reading Cabin Fever is setting in…..

Let’s Show the World‚Ķ.

Some say I am too negative on this site and there is probably some truth to that. So with this post I am starting a new category called “Let’s show the world”. These posts will be about positive things we can do to make Jesus Christ more visible in the world today. They will also include stories about churches ¬†and other Christian organizations who are presently showing the world the true light of Jesus Christ through their works and actions. ¬†So, let’s get on with it. In light of my recent post about billionaires giving away their fortunes, wouldn’t it … Continue reading Let’s Show the World‚Ķ.

Leave Politics to the Politicians….

ÔĽŅ This year I decided to make a life change. Up until that point I was an avid follower of the political process. I watched every convention and heard most of the speeches present there. ¬†I followed most of the candidates¬†positions; even those who I could not vote for. ¬†I worked actively and supported with my rather generous donations one of the presidential candidates in the 2008 election. But starting that day in the Spring of this year I decided to leave all politics behind and I can say I am now a much happier person for it. Politics in … Continue reading Leave Politics to the Politicians….

I Celebrate…Historical Centers

This is a new category post where I will talk about those people and things that I believe are truly right about the world today. Lately I tend to look back at things and always notice where we went wrong or where I believe we are off track. Always viewing the world with that attitude can be depressing indeed! I need to stop and celebrate where we get it right. For this post I celebrate those people and organizations that help us remember our history. Of course this includes some of my favorite places to visit which are historical villages. … Continue reading I Celebrate‚ĶHistorical Centers