What Were They Thinking…

I haven’t been posting much on Saturdays lately as the viewer counts is usually pretty low on the weekends but I thought I would bring up a special series for an occasional Saturday where I get things off my chest that simply bug me.  🙂

This Saturday it is about hot rods.  I admit that the Velocity channel on cable is my most frequently viewed channel. First of all there is nothing about Trump on it and secondly I love to watch creative people work.  Now I admit that some of those hot rod show on Velocity don’t have much creativity.  One of those is the show Iron Resurrection. I often find their creations not much more than “lipstick on a pig” and bad lipstick at that. They don’t seem to worry about the functionality or reliability of what they build as long as it looks good to them and I emphasize “them”.

2016-08-12_19-08-42.pngAnother topic in this realm is how almost all the hot rods being built now are two inches off the ground? What were they thinking??  That is maybe ok if you are buying the car to put into your “collection” and never drive but putting those cars on the road is insane, especially on U.S. roads which are among the worst in the world. Hit one pothole and the bottom of these cars are trashed.  I like beauty but functionality must also accompany it.

Now don’t get me wrong, not every show on Velocity is of the Iron Resurrection genre. There are many others that show creative genius and are a pleasure to watch. My favorite (but not the title) is Bitching Rides from Salt Lake City.  Those guys know how to make a hot rod and have fun doing it….

Star Wars…

I will readily admit that I am a Star Wars addict. I have DVDs of all the movies and have watched them several times. I just got the latest movie “The Force Awakens” a few weeks ago just after returning from my bucket list trip to Disney World. I watched it last week and was not disappointed. It is nice to see that a new generation of actors is now replacing the original crew. I hope the movies continue to come.

I just got the picture below from the Discovery Channel wanting me to buy some Star Wars stuff.  I didn’t realize that Star Wars had its own day but how appropriate that it be May the fourth.

May the fourth be with you all, especially the light side…. 🙂


The GOP & Reverse Pragmatism…

2016-03-02_11-24-51.pngI am a very pragmatic person in that I think what works best should be the first choice in any matter. I’m not a  ideologue in any way in either the religious or political fields. Pragmatism works best especially there.

But it seems that those still clinging to the GOP have, like usual, taken an opposite stand. They are for the most part “Reverse Pragmatists”. Most of us cling to the old saying “If it ain’t broken then don’t fix it” but they take a different view. They seem to say “If it makes sense I’m against it”.

Let’s click off a few examples of this:

  • Social Security — Most in the country recognize that Social Security is the bedrock of keeping senior citizens out of poverty. It is a mandated retirement savings system that all of us who have worked draw from. Yes, I know that those yahoos in congress have borrowed most of the money collected and used it for other purposes but that doesn’t change the basic facts.
    • So, where does the GOP stand on this issue?
    • They want to eliminate it! I guess they just don’t trust themselves to be able to leave it where it is or maybe they just don’t want to pay back what they have borrowed from it.
  • Obamacare — Obamacare has added millions to the healthcare roles by offering affordable insurance to those who couldn’t afford it.
    • Where does the GOP stand on this issue?
    • They want to eliminate it! They say they will replace it but have never offered an alternative.
  • War Budgets — A pragmatic person quickly realizes that the U.S. is bankrupting itself with an outrageous military budgets. We realize that we are spending on the war machine than more than the rest of the world combined and in the process digging ourselves into a deep hole.  Pragmatists realize that if we demand that other industrialized nations take care of their own defense instead of depending on us to do it, we could decrease our military spending by several orders of magnitude.
    • Where does the GOP stand on this issue?
    • Without exception they have never seen a military budget or expenditure that doesn’t need more of our strained resources. They mandate that military expenses that have long ago outlived their usefulness be continued and even increases year after year.
  • Climate Change — 95% of scientist acknowledge that man is causing a shift in our climate by our burning fossil fuels. They and 80% of the rest of us recognize that we must find alternative energy resources for the 21st century.
    • Where does the GOP stand on this issue?
    • As usual in total denial. I’m not sure what it will take for them to get their head out of the sand?
  • Gun Control — We continue to kill ourselves with our guns at a rate orders of magnitude more than any other country. I am getting tired and I suspect you are to so I will leave that one up to you…

Reverse Pragmatism seems to be the mantra of the Grand Old Party these days.  If it makes sense then don’t touch it with a ten foot pole. With that logic it is not difficult to understand the current implosion of that party and Donald Trump just may be the person who will finish it off for them. But of course they deny all of this and blame all their problems on Obama.  Talk about denial. 😉

The Mystery of Women…

canstockphoto20776568One afternoon my Grandad said to me, “Son, to men, women always remain a mysterious entity while to women, men become a flawed utility.” He made the comment with a chuckle and it made me smile because I remember Grandma telling grandad time and again that “You never load the dishwasher correctly,” or saying to any one present “He never puts things back in the right place,” which was possibly a little harsh. There were other observations of a similar nature but the irony was, if anyone else but her was forward enough to criticise him, she would launch herself at them with one or two of those pithy observations for which she was famous….

He was capable of wearing out her patience with an unbroken supply of good humour until she would just shake her head and retire behind her knitting. I remember him saying on another occasion, “When God created men and women a passing angel said, “If they don’t kill each other they’ll have to learn to live together” and I agree with that.

SOURCE:  A Difference Of Outlook | countingducks.

My friend over at the blog CountingDucks  gave me a mini-epiphany today with his latest post. When describing his grandparents he could have just as well described my wife and I. On occasion I wear my tee-shirt with the following words on it just to bug my wife.  “If a man says something and no women are around, is he still wrong!” Even after ten years it still raises a comment or two.

I have to say up front here that I had very early life experience with the opposite sex. I didn’t really get into any serious relationship until I was in my late thirties  so I was isolated from these facts of life.  When I first got married about the age of forty I began to understand that my wife looked at the world quite differently than I did. I was kind of the “live and let live” guy. I just took people for who they were and never thought of doing anything to try to change them. I appreciated the diversity of my friends, even the married ones. 🙂

In my job in the corporate world I was frequently praised for the work I did. I got many “pat on the backs” and thank-yous as well as a few promotions. I knew what I did was appreciated. My vain pride was fully intact during those years.

Now that I have been married for almost thirty years  and especially since my retirement sixteen years ago the full force of this basic difference between some men and women has come to brutally hit me face on.  It seems that my wife believes that I can’t even flush a toilet without screwing it up. Almost everything I do is wrong according to her.  I sometimes feel that I am no longer a person of worth and that is a grinding thing that we men seem to have to put up with I guess. As the quote above says we have learned to live together without killing each other… I guess that is saying something.

The Jock vs Nerds…. And The Nerds Won…


This is going to be one of my silly posts but with a foundation of seriousness. I know when I was in high school many years ago there was a clique system revolving around high school sports and physical prowess.  There were the jocks and then everyone else. The intellectuals just didn’t have much respect, especially among the girls. I was definitely in the nerd category even if it wasn’t defined as such back then. But then we nerds did have our own group even if it was not popular among the high school population as a whole.

I wonder if this has changed much in the 21st century? Do the jocks still rule on the high school campus? To maybe answer my own question, given the amount of attention high school sports is paid in our small town newspaper I kind of think not much has changed.  Are the girls  almost totally attracted to the jocks when it comes to choosing a boyfriend as they were in my day?

I realize that there are massive amounts of hormones surging through a teenager’s body as to bend against any deep thoughtful reasoning. That was the reason for the jocks winning in my day and I suspect the same is true today.

Are young girls today even thinking of the future and maybe realizing that in the total scheme of the “jocks vs nerds” that it is inevitable that the nerds will win and be much more successful in their adult lives?