Box Of Eggs..

Sometimes creative things sneak up on you. That was the case when I came across this picture in an Des Moine museum a few ago.  I don’t know who put this box of eggs together but they were genius.

Box of Eggs


5star-bannerOne of my most recent 5Star memory is the rendezvous reenactments  I managed to get to last year.  The pictures below are from the one in Vincennes Indiana. It was an amazing experience.


Newborn Innocence …

5star-banner   There is something about the innocence of newborns that are so appealing to us. This young heifer was found at my favorite historic village at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village near Lexington KY a few years ago.

Pleasant Hill Calf.jpg

Misty Morning..

5star-banner  This five star post is purely visual in nature.  It was just one of those minutes that usually goes unnoticed.  It was taken about twenty years ago in my first stand alone home north of Indianapolis.   The small tree in the foreground was a cherry tree in our backyard.


Starting Out…

Today’s 5Star post is when I was just starting out treating photography as a serious hobby in 1970. It was taken with my first 35mm camera that is absolutely primitive by today’s standards. The picture quality is pretty low as it was scanned about 6 years ago from the original 5×7 print, but the composition is pretty good for a beginner. 🙂

The Pyramids.jpg