My Flickr Is Growing…

Snippet BannerJust a quick snippet to let you know that I have already added almost 200 of my favorite photos to Flickr. Flickr ButtonI have a couple thousand photos that will eventually go there but this is a pretty good start.  Click on the icon to the right, or the one always on the Home page to access them. While you are there click on the Albums button to see what’s there.

Liar Liar, Hair On Fire

I know I swore this kind of stuff off but here is a snippet that I just couldn’t resist posting.

I’m not much on hashtags but this one I couldn’t avoid inventing. #LLHOF perfectly describes this Time Magazine cover of January 23. The FactCheckers say that the current Oval Office occupant #COOO lied almost 2,000 times in his first year in office. I don’t know if that includes just his tweets but I’m sure it doesn’t include when he lies in the West Wing.

I wonder if all those who voted for him are holding him up as a shining example for their kids?

” If you practice and work very hard at lying, you too can grow up to be president”.

Liar Liar, Hair On Fire



Russian Ties…

Snippet Banner  I have pretty much vowed off talking about the current occupant of the Oval Office but have to put this one out there as a snippet. I found this on my desk from the Nov 10 issue of “The Week” magazine

Team Trump doesn’t seem very worried that proof of collusion will emerge said Timothy O’Brien of But in the past, the president has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of properties to Russians and gone into business with Felix Sater of the Bayrock Group, a Soviet emigre with organized crime connections in Russia. Trump may well owe money to Russians, meaning he was indebted to them when he ran for president.  What most infuriates and terrify Trump the most is the prospect that Mueller will investigate his financial and business dealings, as well as the dealings with his son-in-law…

I remember Trump bragging that he doesn’t finance his deals with American banks but instead used rich Russians money.  I wonder how long it will take for Mueller to pull all this stuff to the light of day. I suspect this is one of the primary reasons he won’t let anyone see his tax returns and find out he is knee-deep in Russia’s world.


For this artsy Saturday I want to put up a picture from my many visits to northern Wisconsin.  I don’t really remember exactly where this one was taken as it was in 1998 and there was no GPS at that time. But to me it absolutely reeks of serenity.

Northern Wisconsin.jpg

A Car With An Airplane Engine??

Just a quick snippet today to focus on the highlight of my EAA day recently.  I am not really a plane guy but it was certainly worth the time.  Especially when I came across the car with an airplane engine.  It made my day complete.


A Tyrant??


I got this snippet from a Facebook friend a while ago. Of course you know who that reminded me of.  I don’t have to say the name this time.  In this same vein, a few months ago I DVRed a series on satellite TV entitled Einstein. I recorded ten episodes from season one.  The latest episode I watched was when he was living in Germany during the 1930s and was exposed to the rise of hitler. Some of the parallels to today were troublesome.

I don’t believe that a tyrant could dismantle our country but we must stay ever vigilant to prevent even a slight possibility of that happening. I just pray that the vast majority of us don’t buy into the line that the press is the enemy of the people…

Leaves Of Grass and Other Unfinished Things…

2017-07-16_08-41-25I’m sure there is a name for someone who can’t stop working on something and to call it finished. I looked around but couldn’t find the word.  One glaring example of this was Walt Whitman’s collection of poetry called Leaves Of Grass.  Never mind that it was a book of poetry that was very unconventional in its time and that the subject matter was often sexual in nature, the point of this mention is that he just couldn’t finish it. It did major changes throughout its eight editions or so.


RJC FlaSH.jpgNow finally getting down to the point of this post and that is to tell you that I have been spending quite a bit of time lately making the On the Road & In Depth Reports pages that now reside on the right side of my home page. These pages started out as individual posts but I am in the process of significantly expanding  and in some cases compiling several posts into one topic and turning them into more detailed stories.

Given my innate editor nature, they will likely be changed on a regular basis.  I need to tell the whole story and my five hundred word limit on individual posts just doesn’t allow that to happen. I, like Whitman, will likely not be able to  stop editing and expanding these reports.

The list of topics will increase as time goes by.  When I have added new ones or significantly changed existing ones I will likely feature them in the three boxes just below the Home Page blog header.  I hope a few of you will take the time over the coming months to browse through the list.

I Know, I Know…

I know it’s been awhile since I posted here. As I have said before, Spring/Summer are my busiest times. I am about to go on my second uRV trip of the year and then there is the 2 1/2 acre homestead to mow and maintain.  Spring is a busy time for me but it is by far the best time of year as far as I am concerned.

In a meager way to fill the gap in posts I thought I would give you a few pictures of what I am talking about. At least that will let you know that I have not died or have any serious problems. Just busy is all. 🙂

Simple Yet Evocative

Snippet Banner  I came across a blog site (The Drabble)  the other day that spoke to my heart.  Actually the site came across me by “liking” one of my very short posts. The words simple, yet evocative pieces that capture what it means to be human described the purpose of the site.  Simple yet evocative says it all for me.  It is hard to do both but when it is done successfully it is genius and many of the posts I reviewed on that blog did just that.

I have been on a “Simplicity” binge for about 5 years now. For me at least, life is just 2017-05-17_10-45-40.pnggetting too complicated even in my retirement years.  Everyone seems to be on a razor’s edge now and can’t see much joy in life. Since this is the only go-around we have if you waste your life with worry and fear it is indeed wasted and gone forever. It is definitely time for simplicity in my, and most others’ lives.

Getting back to the theme of this post. Simple yet evocative, is something that is very difficult to do.  One of my favorite sayings is from a folk singer legend Pete Seeger:

Any damn fool can get complicated. It takes a genius to obtain simplicity.

It is easy to make things complicated. Just look at all those yahoos inside the Washington DC beltway for evidence of that. We need folks who can take complicated and give us simple answers.   That is what most of those who voted for the current president were hoping for but the rest of us knew he was just too flawed to actually live up to any of his hyper rhetoric.

We also need simplicity from ourselves.  Your life is not really as complicated as you think it is. Millions and millions of people have faced the same struggles as you are and still found joy and happiness and that is what I personally intend to do for my remaining years.

I naively think I will take a serious crack at  Simple yet evocative here on RJsCorner. I think that melds very well with my desire to write some prose.  Simple yet evocative is difficult to achieve but I think I am up to it.  How about you??

Three Weeks Post Brain Surgery…

Snippet Banner   It is hard to believe that three weeks ago right now I was in a cold sterile operating room with the top of my skull removed to fix a bleeding brain! Long story short, I am doing remarkedly well and anxious to get back to a normal routine. I haven’t suffered any seizures that are somewhat common for brain bleed surgeries and have really not had a lot of pain.  The doctor gave me a prescription for “heroin in a pill” but I have not found it necessary to take any of them as Tylenol has been doing the job well enough.  I go back to seeing the surgeon on Friday and am hoping for a go-ahead for the next stage of recuperation. I just might be able to get on my garden tractor for the first mowing of the Spring.

Just thought you might like to know.