RetComLife #16 – Cloud Kitchens & Café Dining

My retirement community is struggling to keep the dining services up to their usual standards. Wait staff is nearly impossible to find during this pandemic, so the salaried staff are having to provide that service in addition to their usual responsibilities. That is putting stress on everyone. The fact that the meals here cater almost exclusively to those who like bland unseasoned foods is a … Continue reading RetComLife #16 – Cloud Kitchens & Café Dining

RetComLife #15 – It Doesn’t Just Happen

The quality of any team doesn’t just happen. It is accomplished by the quality of the leadership. I know that from personal experience in the corporate world. You treat your team with respect, and they will gladly go the extra mile for you. That seems to be the case with my retirement community team. I spent thirty years in the corporate world in a half … Continue reading RetComLife #15 – It Doesn’t Just Happen

RetComLife #14 – You Have Got To Get Used To The Dying…

If you live in a retirement community, especially if it is also a Lifecare community, you have got to get used to the frequent presence of ambulances. Especially, if you are like me, and happen to face the delivery/pick-up entrance of the facility. I have heard many comments from future retirees about not wanting to live with only old people. There are a few alternatives … Continue reading RetComLife #14 – You Have Got To Get Used To The Dying…

RetComLife # 13 – It’s Not About Where

By almost all counts, I have been happy living in my retirement community home for the last three months. It has the things that make my life easier. The staff here is extraordinary. I love my cozy apartment, it fits me like a glove. My favorite part might be the walking path. That 0.66 mile route has resulted in a healthier lifestyle. There is a … Continue reading RetComLife # 13 – It’s Not About Where

RetComLife # 12 – What Do I Want To do With The Rest Of My Life?

While this question is maybe not be directly associated with my RetComLife, it is central to where and how I live the remainder of my life. So, I think it deserves your attention in this category. Given my recent experiences, I now realize I don’t want to waste a minute of the time I have left on this earth. My procrastination time is quickly disappearing. … Continue reading RetComLife # 12 – What Do I Want To do With The Rest Of My Life?

RetComLife #11 – The Wheels of Life

I had an epiphany of sorts the other day. Since I am now in a retirement community, I am around older people every day. A big majority of them either use walkers or canes to get around. There are over one-hundred independent living apartments in my community that share a common dining room. During each meal, but especially the dinner hour, there are almost as … Continue reading RetComLife #11 – The Wheels of Life

RetComLife #10 – Dining 🙁…

I can’t leave you with the idea that my RetComLife (retirement community life) is all positive for me. One of the areas that disappoints me is the dining room, including the menus and food preparation. That is what this post is all about. I get a monthly $350 credit to the dining room as part of the rent of my apartment. Whatever I don’t use … Continue reading RetComLife #10 – Dining 🙁…

RetComLife #9 – Privacy & Trade-offs

I continue to try to find my way through this new life I have chosen for myself. As usual, I want it to happen NOW, but realize that it is more of a journey than a short stop. Some of the things I am struggling with now are about privacy and trade-offs. That’s what this post is about. After twenty-one years of living in a … Continue reading RetComLife #9 – Privacy & Trade-offs

RetComLife #8 – It is a Puzzling Life

Yesterday on RetComLife #7 I told you one of the reasons I am staying here is because my new apartment is cozy. For this post, I will expand that thought with a puzzling situation. I’ve told you here before, but I’m sure you have forgotten it, that I am now an avid picture puzzle worker. That is one of the things that my wife kinda … Continue reading RetComLife #8 – It is a Puzzling Life

Chaos, Good News…

This is going to be one of those epiphany posts where I learn a little about myself. One of my favorite quotes comes from the sci-fi movie called Tron. Chaos, Good News I read that to mean that sometimes we just get too complacent with our life and need something to shake it up. What better to produce immediate change than chaos. The last four … Continue reading Chaos, Good News…

RetComLife # 6 – The Pathways of Life

One of the things I most enjoy about my new retirement community life is the 0.66 mile walking path around the perimeter of the property. It is a peaceful trek that I take twice a day, and sometimes even more. Before the pandemic, I would drive the 40-mile round trip to cruise a shopping mall once a week. Of course, that shut down last Spring, … Continue reading RetComLife # 6 – The Pathways of Life

RetComLife #4 -Maybe Even More Frustrating.

I am going to go out of sequence here on my RetComLife reports and talk about my anticipation of one of the most frustrating issues about this new lifestyle I have chosen. My wife and I were pretty much by ourselves for the last dozen years or so, things just seemed more peaceful then. Now that I am surrounded by dozens of people several times … Continue reading RetComLife #4 -Maybe Even More Frustrating.

Picture Saturday – Greekish Salad?

I know this is “Picture Saturday” but I do think this pictures kinda fits here. One thing about RetComLife (Retired Community Life) is that the food just doesn’t have much tang or spice. I miss that! Part of my adjusting here is what am I going to do to keep “spice in my life” figuratively and literally. 😎 I’m trying to figure that out now, … Continue reading Picture Saturday – Greekish Salad?

RetComLife #3 – The Tour…

I came to RetComLife in a different way than most (more on that later), but the first serious exposure was a tour of the facilities. As this was the first actual tour of any retirement community, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had emailed and texted the marketing manager several times, and it impressed me that she was so willing to accommodate me … Continue reading RetComLife #3 – The Tour…

RetComLife #1 – Introducing RetComLife

The new RJsCorner is going to include stories about my current life and times. I now reside in a retirement community and just didn’t know what to expect before I came. I have been here about three weeks now, but most of my furniture is still at the homestead. It will be coming within the next week. How I ended up here so quickly after … Continue reading RetComLife #1 – Introducing RetComLife