This N’ That – Who’s The Liar-In-Chief?

Not Enough Teachers

I saw an interesting article in the New York Times recently that says that students seeking an education in computer science is being stifled by the lack of teachers/professors. I don’t know how much college educators make but I’m sure it is low compared to the likes of Silicon Valley’s six-figure salaries.

Many of today’s college-age students see their future in computer science so the number of people seeking degrees in that academic area has doubled in the last four years. Maybe the teacher shortage is a good thing as it will prevent an overabundance of graduates?

About Lying

I never thought I would see the day when our president would be known primarily as the Liar-in-chief, but the graph above proves that to be the case. I realize it only covers his first 10 months in office so it’s a little dated. I saw a more recent count that was 6,420 lies in 649 days in office. He lied more in his first month than Obama did in eight years! Why aren’t the MAGA folks upset about that is beyond my ability to imagine! But, then again, everything about the MAGA folks, except maybe for their willful ignorance, is beyond my understanding.

Keeping Up Hope

I suffer from depression more in the winter months than any other season of the year, and this season seems worse than some others. Sometimes I wonder why I am even putting in the effort to maintain two blogs that mainly deal with the problems of our times; one is about things religious and the other about political issues and overall life experiences.

Sometimes it’s necessary to step back and see what my heroes in life have to say about the times we live in. Gandhi’s words above help me to realize that humanity is more than the dirty people who are the most vocal.

This N’ That- Sunday Morning… Feb 10, 2019

Laptops In The College Lecture Halls

When I was in college in the 1960s it took me a few years to learn that taking strenuous notes during lectures was actually worse than just listening to what the professor was saying. One of the reasons behind that is that I most often couldn’t read my quickly scribbled note more than a week after the event. So, it was not a big surprise for me to learn that students who paid more attention to their laptops than what the professor was saying, actually got lower scores on their exams.

But a growing body of evidence shows that over all, college students learn less when they use computers or tablets during lectures. They also tend to earn worse grades. The research is unequivocal: Laptops distract from learning, both for users and for those around them. It’s not much of a leap to expect that electronics also undermine learning in high school classrooms or that they hurt productivity in meetings in all kinds of workplaces.

Source: New York Times

It’s funny how one generation has to almost always learn from the same mistakes as previous generations.

About President’s Birth Places

It was surprising to learn which States the presidents have come from. During my investigation of the possibility of backing Kamala Harris, who is a senator from California I learned that no Democrat who was born or raised in California has occupied the Oval Office. Here is a list from to show that:

source: Smart Politics

As shown, Nixon was born there and Reagan lived there for a while but he was not born there. Being that California is almost always Democratic stronghold, they don’t count anyway. 🙂 Maybe Kamala will be the first. Since California has almost one-third of the total US population, it’s about time they can claim a president who wasn’t forced out of office.

I Miss My Dog

I want to end this post with a thought about Beulah. She was a Basset Hound who, like so many others, was abandoned on our country road. We took her in and she proved once again that dogs are the only creatures on this earth who really give unconditional love. I liked to call Beulah my shadow as she was seldom more than a few paces away from me. We decided not the get another dog as he would likely outlive us. But sometimes I really regret that decision. Dexter our cat, who is bugging me as I type these words, is ok but they can never claim the loyalty of a dog. I MISS YOU BEULAH!!

Me and Beulah on one of our daily walks (with Dexter following close behind)

This N’ That- Sunday Morning…

CBS Sunday Morning

I am a pretty regular watcher now of the Sunday Morning show on CBS surprisingly called “CBS News, Sunday Morning” 🙂 Last week it celebrated its 40th anniversary. It was started in 1979 with Charles Kuralt and is now hosted by Jane Pauley. I can remember Kuralt traveling around the country in his RV going to out-of-the-way places to tell us stories.

One thing about the show is that you can always expect it is about good news in one form or another. It celebrates the humanity side of life and leaves the dreadful stuff to the other news organizations. I think that is one of the primary reasons I have come to be a regular viewer. Sometimes its hard to remember that not everything is in the gutter of life now as displayed by so much of the news.

Another reason I might follow now is that Jane Pauley, along with David Letterman are “homeboys” so to speak. They were both born in my town of birth, Indianapolis. So, I just like to keep up with them.

Sorry But…

I know last week I promised you a weeklong series about Autism, but it is just not up to my standards yet. I have struggled to keep my promise but the topic is just too draining for me right now. So this special report is now on the back-burner. I will likely just bring it out in small pieces instead of a coherent block.

Taking Back Control

I am so happy to see such a diverse group of new people elected to Congress, well at least for the Democratic Party. They seem hell-bent on stripping control of our government for the powerful elite who have been there forever. If they can accomplish one-tenth of their ambitious schedule it will go a long way to giving power back to the people. If they are joined by more in the 2020 elections they just might be able to finally pass term limits. At least I can hope for that.


This past week all of us in the northern part of the country have survived the extreme cold weather! I think I am done with this stuff so vote for an early Spring. (ha) But at least it did result in some really neat pictures portraying why it happened. Click on the URL below to see more of them.

This N’ That Sunday- About Amazon (and other such things)

I saw an article in the New York Times recently about how a new orthopedic clinic contacted Amazon to find out who bought knee-braces in their area. After paying a fee Amazon sent that info along with names and addresses of the customers. The new clinic then sent mail to just that select group instead of flooding the area with their advertisements. I guess some would consider that an invasion of privacy but I kind of see it as smart advertising and saving a forest of trees.

What do you think? Is Amazon abusing their customers?

I’m a car guy, or at least I enjoy watching TV shows about cars. One of my favorite new shows is “Full Custom Garage”. It is about a very creative guy who doesn’t have all the fancy tools of so many other shows but manages to make beautify creations with very basic tools. The satellite channel he is on used to be called “Velocity” but just recently it was re-named “Motor Trend”.

I think the owner of the channel got a new CEO recently and he had to justify his million dollar contract by renaming the channel. The trouble with this is that on my satellite listing it is tagged MTHD. Is it just me but when I see those initials I think “Meth Head”? I will keep watching it but I will never describe myself as a meth head! 🙂

In_Depth Report Coming Soon…

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on an In-Depth report on the subject of Autism. I was hoping it would be ready for tomorrow but it just needs more work so I will put it off at least another week. The title is The Positive Side of Autism.  It is about my study of autism concentrating primarily on adults and in particular Asperger’s part of the spectrum. I suspect the title is upsetting to some, especially those who have children with the most severe forms of autism, but there is a positive side for this condition that needs to be explained. The vast majority of work in autism is with children. Since what is now defined as autism has been around for centuries or more we need to know about it at the adult level. That is where perhaps, 98% of the total autism population exists.


I will be putting out my 3500th post here at RJsCorner this week! If you don’t believe me, just click on the Archive Calendar on the right side of this and every post. 🙂 I didn’t know I had it in me. This is my 10th year on the corner, but it seems like yesterday!!

Help me celebrate and I hope you keep coming back for more.

This-N-That Sunday

This is the premiere installment of This-N-That Sunday and I have no idea where it is going as I write these words. I’m just going to fly by the seat of my pants so to speak. Forgive me in advance if it seems like a mishmash, but that is as it was intended to be wasn’t it? Let’s get down to business.

Global Warming

It is nice to see that the rest of the world is going ahead with their plans to confront global warming. Even though the political leaders now in charge of our country have deemed it “Fake News”. Many US businesses are addressing the issue and trying to figure out how to make a profit from it. One alarming thing about global warming is that the experts tell us that we will probably not know when we reach the tipping point until after it happens. That’s kinda scary, especially for our kids and grandkids.

The VA Hospital Problem

It seems that the VA hospital system has been in trouble most of my lifetime. They just can’t seem to figure out how to be good at it. Corruption and poor service is a way of life. I don’t know, maybe it is naivety, but I kinda think the solution is not that difficult to find, that is, if you put the political part of it aside. Fold the VA into Medicare. You don’t hear too many seniors complain about Medicare. It takes care of us and doesn’t flood us with the paperwork as private insurance used to do to me in my pre-retirement years. I know the folks who are against this solution say that vets have unique problems that are not addressed by a system for the general population, but I think that is a lame excuse! Just send them to a “specialist” in those areas. It’s like my family doctor doesn’t know how to fix all heart problems but she does know who to send me to.

Damian Hirst – Artist

I saw a segment on CBS Sunday Morning recently about a United Kingdom artist named Damian Hirst. I never thought of an artist being a multi-millionaire as he is. Most of the high price painting are sold after they are dead. 🙂 As documented at my site CrackingCreativity, I am pretty obsessed with the topic of creativity this year and this guy has it in spades. He is like me, kind of “out there” but I do love his choice of colors for his works. I haven’t done a lot of studying on the topic of art yet but I guess you would call his work avant-garde. Whatever it is, I Like it!

Would You Like To Be A More Creative Person?

I want to remind you to check out my latest project. It is a one-year journey to become more creative. I am willing to bet that we all need more creativity in our lives. Just click on the widget that is always on the right side column of every page of this blog.

See you next Sunday for another mish-mash. Eventually, because of this new topic, I just might be able to clear all the orphaned Post-It notes off my very cluttered desk. 🙂

Two new categories here at RJsCorner and another blog at CrackingCreativity! We certainly do embrace change, don’t we? I’ll have more to say about that in some posts next week.