Love The Ordinary…

For this artsy Saturday post, I want your mind to ponder a thought instead of pictures. I wonder how many of us go through life surrounded by beauty but are oblivious to that fact.



Cars & Bicycles

Looking at the picture for this artsy Saturday post, it looks like it could have been taken a hundred years ago.  But, in reality, it was taken about a month ago at Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan.


Veggies vs Flowers…

Most of my life I have had a veggie garden to tend. They have varied in size from 75 x 125 feet to patio pots. There is just something about raising your own food that is primal with me. My wife, on the other hand, is a flower garden person. Every year, even though she is in her upper 70s she, with the help of a good friend, puts out a flower garden. This is one of those pictures that tug at the strings of my heart.



Madison Regatta

I took a uRV trip to Madison Indiana for the annual Madison Regatta this past weekend. This is the first time I have been there so it was on my bucket list.  I am generally not a powerboat racing fan but it was neat to see these guys go 100+ mph across the water. If you want to see more pics, check out my Flickr Album.




Being a person who has always been fascinated about how things work, I thought for this artsy Saturday I would give you a picture from my recent trip to Greenfield Village at the Ford Museum. The building containing this picture was a scale replica of Edison’s first electric generating plant.  I’m not sure exactly what it is but I love the detail and mystic.


The Stories It Could Tell…

For this artsy Saturday, I want to give you one of my favorite facades. I would love to hear the history of this building. I found the building a few miles north of Iroquois Illinois during my first uRV trip of 2018.. (Click on the pic to see a larger view)




For this artsy Saturday, I want to give you a picture I took this week at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.  This was my fourth trip there but the last time was over 30 years ago so a lot has changed.  More on that in a near future post.

Wiener Mobile.jpg

Giant City Lodge

For this artsy Saturday, I want to give you a picture looking out the dining room window of the Giant City Lodge State Park in southern Illinois.  The park is not big and “Giant City” is nowhere to be found but it reminds me of Yellow Stone and other national park lodges. The CCC statues there is to honor all those who built the lodge in the 1930s.

Giant City Lodge State Park IL.jpg

The Orange Beast

I know, there are probably several of you out there who might not agree that the photo below is beautiful. But, for a guy who made plastic models like this one in his youth, seeing the real thing in my old age is beautiful indeed. So, for this artsy Saturday, I give you the American Hotrod.

Elwood Car Show

Long-armed Selfie?

For this artsy Saturday, I thought I would give you a long-armed selfie from 30+ years ago. It’s kind of out of focus but it is one of my favorite early pictures of my hubby and me.  I really don’t remember where or exactly when it was taken but that doesn’t matter.

I know that you primarily know me by my avatar on my comments and blog posts. I wanted to show you that have not always been bald or had a white goatee. 🙂

Selfie 1986.jpg

The American Tractor

In my recent theme for artsy Saturday of simplicity, I want to give a salute to the American tractor.  Two hundred years ago almost 90% of us were farmers who grew our own food.  Even a hundred years ago about 40% of us were in that same state. It took industrialization to drastically change those numbers.  Today, less than 2% of us are needed in that category.

So, this picture is to celebrate the American farm and the Ford tractor.

The American Tractor-19.jpg


Looking Up…

For this artsy Saturday, I want to once again keep it simple. How often you do take the time anymore just to look up. No, I don’t mean at the ceiling, but instead the sky. There is a lot of beauty there if you take the time to see it.  Lord knows there is enough ugliness in your world today that we certainly need a regular dose of beauty.

Looking Up.jpg

Spring Has Sprung!! Hallelujah

For this artsy Saturday, I want to give you a taste of Spring.  This picture was taken about a year ago at the Prophetstown State Park here in Indiana.  It is beautiful to me because of its simplicity…


The Perfect Picture

I have about 20,000 pictures in my personal portfolio. Probably one-third of them could be deleted and not really missed but that is beyond the purpose of this post.  I have a list of about a hundred or so that are 5stars. One of the top ten in that category is shown below.  I entitle it  “Box of Eggs”.  I think my attraction to this picture is because of its symmetry. My Aspie traits are particularly honed to order and symmetry. I found the picture in a Des Moines museum some years ago.

So, for this artsy Saturday, I give you a “Box of Eggs” yet again…

Box of Eggs.jpg

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