Perpetual Utterance of Self-Applause

I love reading about the history of America and some of the best critiques come from outside our country. Two of my favorite quotes comes from the idea of the “Tyranny of the Majority”.  That is when the majority in our country tends to deny basic civil rights to various minority groups. Of course the most glaring one is slavery but there is also the murder of millions of native Americans during the conquest of their native lands.

The term “Tyranny of the Majority” was widely employed in mid-nineteenth-century America in conjunction with a series of moral questions (Sabbath, temperance, racial equality) that gave rise to organized minority groups in American political life.

Here are a couple of quotes about that:

The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections.—Lord Acton  — The History of Freedom in Antiquity, 1877

The majority (party in America) lives in the perpetual utterance of self-applause; and there are certain truths which the Americans can only learn from strangers – Alexis De Tocqueville

“Perpetual utterance of self-applause” is one of my favorite De Tocqueville quotes. It says something about the general character of our citizenry I think even in the 1800s.  We just love applauding ourselves and thinking how great we are. We simply can do no wrong.

2016-07-28_15-19-07.pngSo many in the “perpetual utterance” crowd look into the past and dream that America will once again be what it was.  They look at life from a “white supremacy” point of view. They simply don’t see our blemishes.  Recognizing our faults and apologizing for them is the first step in reconciliation and true peace.  But whenever a leader tries to do that he is quickly admonished. Here is a little about that:

Apparently “acknowledging that America has been a force for good” in the world, as Obama did, is not enough. The man who leads the nation that is by almost any measure indisputably the most powerful on earth must go furtherto make a fool of himself and the country by defending an escapade from half-a-century ago that nearly everyone acknowledges was an embarrassing blunder. ..he must also robustly defend American exceptionalismand thus American moral superioritybefore foreign audiences, evidently because it’s the president’s duty to provoke anger and resentment, and thus opposition to our global leadership, around the world.

Source: “The Perpetual Utterance Of Self-Applause” – The Atlantic

Germany, in its search for reconciliation, now openly admits to the evil that Hitler  did to the world.  We in America on the other hand have never dared to look on our dark side.  Our perpetual utterance of self-applause is holding us back from being the great nation we could be and a true shining example for the world.

New & Improved…

I am back from a six-week hiatus here at InSearchOfAmerica. I wanted to take this time off to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful Spring season here in the Midwest.

2015-05-28_12-53-512015-05-28_12-54-16While I was gone from daily blogging I worked on some improvements to the site. Since pictures are at the heart of this blog I brought up a new “Gallery” option in the header menu. I also categorized and tagged the posts to be easier to find just the info you want.

It feels good to be back but I did come to some decisions about my blogging future. While I will post on a regular basis it will not be daily and not on a strict schedule. My goal is to put out a new post at least twice weekly.  Let’s have some fun in our Search Of America…

Cleveland Gallery..

Here we are sitting in our hotel room on Sunday morning waiting for the museum to open at noon. So, I thought I would pull a few more pictures out of the album to show here. We are headed for the Western Reserve Historical Society today to get a more detailed account of local history.  Then it will be off to our friends home for a few days. I’m not sure how technology conscious my friend is so I don’t know if I can get on the internet while we are there. If not, this will be a last post for a couple of days.

I am just going to give you several pictures here we have taken over the last five days. If you want an explanation of any of them leave a comment. 🙂   Well maybe I do need to explain the first one. It is of a sewer cover!  My wife is from Neenah Wisconsin so whenever we travel we are always looking down as well as up so we notice the Neenah Foundry art. It is surprising how many states we have come across these iron monoliths.