About “Crayon Marks”

crayon-banner  This category is primarily about thinking. Thinking in unconventional ways. It is about letting your mind wander into some very different possibilities. In other words, it is about creativity.

Most of these types of type of thoughts seem to be like crayon marks scribbled across my brain, hence the title for this category.  They come and quickly go if I don’t write them down.  It seems unconventional thinking is just something that I MUST do on a daily basis. It is engrained in my brain.   They say genius and insanity are close cousins, maybe that has something to do with it but since I don’t really consider myself either, maybe not.

I’m pretty convinced that I generally don’t think quite the same way as most around me. This could be due to my Aspergers but I don’t really know that is the true origin. Maybe these types of thoughts are Freudian in nature or maybe something I got from Maslow or Berne. I certainly studied them a lot in my earlier years. Who knows? Sometimes my brain just works in mysterious ways, no, actually most times it works in mysterious ways. 🙂 It is just that maybe I am finally letting my unconventional thinking land somewhere that others can see.