Navigating RJsCorner

I give you this page so that you can find whatever you want here at RJsCorner. It tells you how to browse through over 3,000 posts with a particular thought in mind.

Navigation Icons.pngThe Menu bar, as shown below, is always found at the top of each post and page. It remains there even when you scroll down.  It contains four buttons: Home, About, Topics, Special Reports. Except for the Home button, when you click on a button in the menu bar, a sub-menu will drop down for you to choose.  Also included on the right side is a search box shown as a small magnifying glass. Just click the image and enter any word or phrase followed by the Return key to search for it in all the RJsCorner posts.


Navigation Icons.pngThe Home Page is always accessible by the Home button in the Menu Bar. Besides giving you easy access to a dozen or so previous posts, it gives you several options not available on other pages. Most importantly, among them is the Sidebar. (remember when you want to see the sidebar just click on the Home button from any page.


Sidebar.pngThe sidebar is what you see on the right side of the Home page in RJsCorner.

  • The top portion gives you several ways to follow my blog
  • It gives you easy access to my Flickr Photo Portfolio as well as a quick look at the latest entries.
  • The archive list is a drop-down that allows you access posts by date.


Tag Cloud.pngPerhaps the most useful widget on the sidebar is the Tag Cloud.

That is where you can find info on just about any topic covered by the 3,000+ posts.  The larger the letter, the more the posts. Find what interests you and just click. If you wish to look up a particular word, maybe not in the tag cloud, the Search icon near the top of the menu bar is there for you.