I’m Dreaming of My Friends at GDL

I’m dreaming of all the friends I made in my business trips to Guadalajara Mexico. Especially those who helped me celebrate life at the Guadalajara Grill.


I was browsing through my photo archive and decided to pull out some pics from my Guadalajara Mexico trip of twenty years ago. (how could it be that long ago!!; seems almost like yesterday). I spent quite a… Read More


Our Southern Neighbors…

My search of America certainly includes our southern neighbors. I visited Guadalajara Mexico for the first time in the mid-1980s. It was quite different then than it was just ten years later when these pictures were taken.  Guadalajara… Read More

Tequila Mexico – 1995

    I just poked my picture directory to see what would come out for this post. What you see is the raw ingredient for tequila. I took these pictures when we were in Guadalajara Mexico in 1995. I spent… Read More

South of the Border (Finishing up)….

Let’s finish up the tour of my time in Mexico with photos of the people and the places I lived. I haven’t been back to GD since 1995 when these pictures were taken but I hope to return… Read More

South of the Border (Central Guadalajara)…

This post is pictures of the central area of Guadalajara. There are numerous large public squares with many local vendors. These pictures were also taken in 1994 and 1995.

South of the Border (Churches)….

Mexico is about 90% Catholic and there is a grand church in almost every area we visited.  Here is a sampling of those buildings… Again these pictures were taken in 1994 and 1995 in and around the Guadalajara… Read More

South of the Border (con’t)….

Let’s do a couple of other posts with my pictures of Mexico. This time we will concentrate on Tequila🙂  We were very privileged to have a private tour of the tequila plant by one of the owners! These pictures were… Read More

Some Time South of the Border….

During the 80s and 90s I made quite a few trips to Mexico, particularly the Guadalajara area. I will spend the next few posts on some of the pictures from that area. See my other blog http://www.Waiting4God.net to… Read More

South of the Border…

I spent quite a bit of time south of the border during the 1980s and 90s. As was typical of most U.S. corporations the company I worked for displaced factories from the U.S. to that area. Of course… Read More