The Printed Word….

Columbus OH – Newspapers

Newspapers were essential in the formation of the new American nation. Now they are dropping like flies it seems. I recently saw where e-books now outnumber the sale of printed ones. Yeah I have my share of e-books but still cling to the printed page for some things.


Youngstown, OH – Steel

Anybody with much study of America knows that Youngstown was one of the premiere cities for steel production back a century ago.  The “Ohio Historical Society Youngstown Center of Industry and Labor” does and excellent job of giving you an idea of what those times were like.  Since I am going to be away from my desk for a few days I thought I would pre-load some more images from this museum for your view pleasure while I am gone.

American Food…

Cleveland, OH – Guarinos

I know the hot dog is supposedly very American but I kind of think our food, like our population, is a melting pot of different ethnic varieties.  In reality I don’t think of our population so much as a melting pot but as a stew; maybe I should think that way about the food also? Any large city has at least a dozen different nationalities restaurants in their environs.  My favorites have always been Chinese and Mexican. I do like a hot dog now and then but the flavors from many ethnic foods pulls me in.