Progressives Have A Lot To Learn From The Radical Right

I have written several posts here at RJsCorner about needing another option for a political party in the US.  I have not been timid about my feeling that neither of the current parties represents what I believe America should be about.  After the recent mid-term elections I have come to see that a 3rd party option is just not a solution to our problems, at least not in the near or mid-term.  Here’s why.

Over my 50 years of following politics, there have been a few to differing degrees successful 3rd party runs for various offices. But for the most part, each one of them eventually drew its support from only one of the two political parties. The result of that was often the exact opposite of what those who changed his vote intended.  Given our current very divided populace it seems the only way for a third party to have any level of success would be if something catastrophic were to happen to our country. Lord forbid that happening!

The only way real change will likely have to happen is within one of the two existing parties. One thing about the current Republican party that I admire in a weird sort of way is that they have radically changed in the last decade to meet their current base’s attitudes and beliefs.  Or what is left of their base anyway. They are no longer the party of fiscal responsibility and limited government that I once admired. Instead, they have become a party primarily based on fear.

  • Fear of those who they see as invading our country 
  • Fear of losing their control of the wheels of power
  • Fear of anyone who believes things differently than them
  • Fear of those of different skin colors and different religions

In addition to fear they have morphed into the party of “Money Over Morals”. They are anti-abortion but not pro-life.

Progressives have a lot to learn from the Radical Right in morphing into a different philosophy.  But let’s not make the same horrible mistakes they did…

To sum things up, I am now convinced that if we want change in this country we must provoke change within the current Democratic party.  The Tea Party wing of the GOP managed to move that party to the right fringe of the political spectrum. Progressives need to form a wing in the Democratic party that concentrates on progress, empathy, and the common good and if it becomes the dominant wing then things will change. 

A One-Armed Economist…

This post is going to be about the economy and how the stock market has been acting lately.  Don’t expect me to give you some sage advice about where to invest your retirement money. I would likely be wrong if I even attempted that. Nope, what I am going to talk about is how the stock market has acted throughout history. I think I do know a thing or two about history, but don’t even count on that.

We all know that historically the stock market almost always does better in Democratic administrations than Republican. Why that is I don’t have the foggiest idea because at least in the last 3 or 4 decades the Republicans are the party for the rich and we all know that a significant majority of stocks are owned by the rich.  Every CEO seems to get millions of new shares every year lately. Another example is to look at the latest tax fraud, oh wait a minute, they call it a tax break for the rich of which we seniors I guess are supposed to pay for with our reduced monthly social security checks.

But if you think about it very much you will probably figure out that the rich get richer no matter who is in charge of the government.  They just have a way of getting their desires, and their desires are almost always about money, no matter what.

Ok, I will finally get to the reason behind the title of this quote. It came from Harry Truman. He made the comment “All my economists say on the one hand, but on the other…”  To that remark, he said, “give me a one-armed economist” 🙂  That is what we need in today’s world, one-armed economists. Someone who doesn’t mince their words.

Let’s finish off this post with some more words of wisdom from Harry