From My Youth…

This is a digital reproduction of a picture I took almost forty years ago. I had a lot of energy in my youth and it took it all to hike up to the 12,000 feet level on top… Read More

The Knowledge Economy….

In a Washington Post Op-Ed piece Wednesday, co-founder Mr. Zuckerberg wrote that today’s “economy is based primarily on knowledge and ideas – resources that are renewable…. In a knowledge economy, the most important resources are talented people.” Beyond… Read More

Looking At The Front End…

Source Blog:  Twenty-something « Cristian Mihai. I believe that young, inexperienced writers set out to write the words they think the world desires to read. The words the world needs. When they gain a bit of experience, they… Read More

Youth Is Wasted on the Young…

Youth would be an ideal state if it came later in life — Herbert Asquith I paraphrased the Asquith quote in the title of this post but the message is the same. I have always had the feeling… Read More


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