Just a quick snippet to tell you that I am still around, but just in the standby mode. My Walden time of utter simplification for a week turned out to be the exact opposite. On April 30th my wife had her fourth heart attack. She survived it, but the heart damage is uncertain. At the same time they found that she has a severe gall bladder infection that is resistant to all antibiotics that they have tried so far. The infection could become life-threatening but, because of the heart attack they can’t simply remove it as is the common solution.

This is her tenth day in the hospital, so my time is consumed with being by her bedside daily. When she is recovered my mind will come back to blogging here at RJsCorner.

RJ Walters


A Quick Note

I have been doing daily posts over at my new blog InSearchOfAmerica for about a month now and I think I have finally settled on what fits best there for me. I originally got the idea over a year ago and have had a few false starts since them. The current format fits me very well. It is primarily about pictures with a twitter length comment.

As the posts progress the mosaic that the site is building will become a picture of what I have seen in my search for America.  It you feel like it give it a look….

RJ Walters


I snagged the above graphic from one of my favorite Facebook pages over at RoadTrip Nation.

I was guilty of doing what Francis Collins said above.  I let others tell me what I should love….

One of the troubles with this saying is to understand what you love at that early age which is most often easier said than done….

RJ Walters

2014-06-06_11-50-04As an addendum to Monday’s post about VA hospitals I see where Senator John McCain and Senator Bernie Sanders have a bill before the Senate to allow veterans access to the Medicare system when they can’t get appointments with a VA hospital or live more than 40 miles from a facility.

This could be the first step in actually accomplishing my proposal of merging the VA with Medicare and then of course eventually to single payer system.  At the least veterans should be able to choose which system they want to provide their healthcare. Who knows…. Maybe someday…

RJ Walters