About Me

I am an Independent thinking highly functional person who is deaf and has some Aspie traits.  That makes me a pretty rare creature on this earth. I became deaf about 30 years ago and have had Aspie traits all my life but only recently discovered that it had a name. Due to my life experiences I have a somewhat different view of the world that you may find interesting, maybe even enlightening.

I am deaf, but that is not who I am. It is just an affliction that I must cope with on a daily basis. I went deaf about thirty years ago. Even though it is stressful and extremely tiring at times, I have maintained my roots in the hearing world. I am seldom around other deaf people but enjoy sharing experiences and learning from them when we do meet.

Aspie Traits.  I didn’t discover until recently that many of my lifelong traits have a name attached to them. Looking back I can now understand why I was sometimes quite different than those around me. While I shun eye contact, not very adept at social situations, and don’t care much for crowds, I am for the most part seen as a highly intelligent functioning person (if there is such a thing). Having Aspie traits has given me a different view of the world.  If you want to get a more thorough understanding of Asperger’s Syndrome  and how it affected me, then take a look at my 10 part series “My Journey Into Asperger’s Syndrome.”

I am passionate about many things in my life. Writing and particularly blogging is one of them, so I blog about what gets me up in the morning and what excites me. I blog about my view of the world as my hero Will Rogers taught me to do.

Like all of us, I am a person who is composed of all my life experiences and that is what I write about here.


  1. Just discovered your blog. Reading some past posts felt like reading about my own life.

    A bunch of similarities. Grew up (moderate means) in a small town in the Midwest. Dad died when I was 14. Worked my way through college at the University of Nebraska. Graduated in 1968 with an engineering degree. Soon to begin the seventh decade of my life. Realized early I was a “misfit” but embraced it anyway. That includes being a misfit in a red state. Travel around in a small RV – but not home made. Lived frugal, and now semi-retired. Enjoying life.

    Some differences too. Married 47+ years. Raised two sons and now have six grandchildren. Had six different jobs before starting my own business as a consulting engineer in 1987. Still dabble in the business. Lost my good friend and business partner this past year to cancer. Assessing what to do next before the clock runs out. But won’t get it all done, even if I live to be 500. Plan to keep trying, though.

    Have much enjoyed what I’ve read so far. You’re invited to visit my blog at JumpToConsulting.com. Under 200 posts – some business – some rants – some musings. I suspect you might enjoy it. Thanks for yours!

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    1. Thanks dgerke007 for the comments and sorry for the late reply. Yes, it sounds like we have much in common. It is nice to hear from other misfits.


    1. Thanks Peter for visiting and being a follower. I have been reading you some time now via my Feedly list. Thanks for your insight and rattling my brain once in a while. 🙂

      Yeah geography just isn’t the barrier it once was. It is nice to find like minded folks wherever you can…


  2. I too know I have Aspie traits (and so does the rest of my family). Being a very positive person I have always been able to hide it. I would call myself a Friendly, INTROVERTED Extrovert who had to fight Excruciating Shyness in male company and many other ridiculous DREADS. People like us who are not mentally retarded in any way may feel like we don’t fit in, then find out, on reflection, that we do. The plus side is that we are not sheep and contrary to belief – we are Empathic too. I have never been academic (I’m artistic) but I have always been discerning.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Sibyl. Yes, there are a lot of us fully functional Aspies out there who don’t fit the mold of conformity. We have our own ways, and as you say we think for ourselves and yes we are emphatic. It is nice to be reminded of that fact…


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