Creativity On RJsCorner

Most of us spend our lives inside a box.

We rarely dare to peek over the sides.

Creativity is a major big part of RJsCorner and is most often located in the “Stunning” category. I spent thirty years in various corporate engineering jobs where logical thinking was a mandate. My mind’s eye was kept under wrap. That has changed dramatically since my retirement more than 16 years ago but then again so has the rest of the world. It took a while to fully realize my creative potential but I think I am finally beginning to get there. I like to think that all the posts here at RJsCorner are creative in one manner or another but that seems especially true of my autobiographical posts

Welcome  to the Creativity Side  of RJsCorner

Why should you be interested in my creative output? One reason might be that I am further down life’s road than you are and you just might learn something from my years of experience. Another is that maybe by seeing my creativity which I call my craziness you will be inspired to create a little of your own.

The essence of  Creativity at RJsCorner:

  • It is about looking for the beauty around us that many often miss.
  • It is about freeing our minds in order to return to our inborn creativity.
  • It is about letting our imagination wander into other possibilities.
  • It is about encouraging each other to reach our full creative potential.
  • It is about letting go of your inhibitions and prejudices and returning to your child-like curiosity.
  • It is about being ok to enjoy the eccentricities of life.
  • It is about looking over the edges of the box you or others have built around you.

If you let your mind’s eye dream you might discover a completely different, big, bold, and colorful world that you didn’t even know existed. You might even be able to forget about some of the ugliness of this world for just a little while… Wouldn’t that alone be worth the journey?

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