Using Perspective When Reviewing History

For some reason, history is on my mind, so let’s start off where we finished yesterday. Let’s face it, our founding fathers do not live up to current standards in many of today’s regards. Most were slaveholders who had little or no respect for those who had been kidnapped from their African countries to do their manual labor. In fact, one, and probably many, of … Continue reading Using Perspective When Reviewing History

Without Looking At The Shadows.

The idea for the title above came from a recent post by Philip Gulley. He basically says that We are morally at risk when we see only the light of [fill in the blank] and never its shadow. I agree, but I want to also look at it from another viewpoint. We can’t ignore the light because of its shadows. That is what this post … Continue reading Without Looking At The Shadows.

Seeing Them For Who They Are…

For this “Seeking-Wisdom” post, I want to try and bust a few bubbles before diving into this category much further. We all must recognize that the inspirational figures in our lives are for the most part like all of us in that they are multifaceted. They have characteristics beyond those that inspire us.  For instance, Thomas Jefferson is one of my top sources of seeking … Continue reading Seeing Them For Who They Are…

Tongue In Cheek..

I am going to do a little ‘explainin’ on this post about the foundations for RJsCorner. Everyone knows that a good house has to have a good foundation in order to survive. Since RJsCorner has been going on for almost nine years now and has over 3,000 posts it must have a pretty good foundation, even if it is not mentioned very often. I started … Continue reading Tongue In Cheek..