On The Road #6 – Day 11 – MyFavoriteTexas Town

Here I am in Clovis New Mexico on a Sunday morning. Getting ready to check out of my motel in a couple of hours. The sun came up about 5:45 this morning, so of course I, as always, got up with it. Yesterday at this time it was already 84 degrees in Brownwood TX, here it is now 44 degrees. Part of it is probably … Continue reading On The Road #6 – Day 11 – MyFavoriteTexas Town

On The Road #5 – Day 10 – Texas In Two Days.

Here I am at the end of Day 1 in Texas spending another night in a hotel room. It managed to get up to 99 degrees today. I wonder what the temperatures will be in mid-July? It was like being in a bag of popcorn in a microwave oven today. I was literally surrounded by thousands of cars whose frantic drivers were pinging off the … Continue reading On The Road #5 – Day 10 – Texas In Two Days.

On-The-Road #3 – Day 7 – Just Have Fun…

I have been taking this month-long vacation much too seriously. It’s as if I expect it to solve all my life’s problems. With these kinds of expectations, how can it be anything but a disappointment? I know that I overthink everything and this is no exception. I have seen a couple of retirement communities now, but nothing that would lure me away from my current … Continue reading On-The-Road #3 – Day 7 – Just Have Fun…

On-The-Road #2 – Day 3. About “The Villages”

What can I say about “The Villages”? It is the world’s largest retirement community. Here is a little about what they say about themselves: The Villages® community in Florida is one of the largest age-restricted active adult communities in the state. What started as a small neighborhood in 1978 became a sprawling community that will eventually be home to an estimated 70,000 households of 55+ residents. The … Continue reading On-The-Road #2 – Day 3. About “The Villages”

On-The-Road #1 -2 Getting To Florida

Here it is 6:00am on day 4, and I am sitting in my first hotel room after boondocking at Walmart locations for the first two nights. Those two days were primarily travel days and nothing much to report except about 700+ miles of roads driven. About half the time was Interstate and the other State highways. About the only observation about Kentucky and Tennessee is … Continue reading On-The-Road #1 -2 Getting To Florida

What If Neurodiversity Was The “Normal”?

I have spent almost an entire lifetime trying to figure out why I am so different from many others. It wasn’t until a handful of years ago that I discovered Asperger’s Syndrome, and many of those questions were answered. Being an Aspie is not about being defective, it is just about looking at life with a different perspective. People with neurological differences are called neurodiverse, … Continue reading What If Neurodiversity Was The “Normal”?

I’m Willing To Admit The Link Between Autism &Asperger’s, But…

I have been on the fence about folding Asperger’s into the Autism Spectrum as I see only disadvantages to us Aspies by doing that. Especially since, to the public, Autism is seen as a young person crouching in the corner twitching and babbling. Many Aspies are in fact are in the upper echelons of IQ and can do many things better than most others (called … Continue reading I’m Willing To Admit The Link Between Autism &Asperger’s, But…

RetComLife #36 – A Different Mindset…

It was a year ago today that started the beginning of the end for my wife. She had just suffered her 4th and most severe heart attack that would in 78 days result in her death. Those 78 days were the most stressful of my life! Being an Aspie I had more emotional breakdown during that time than I thought was even possible. For me, … Continue reading RetComLife #36 – A Different Mindset…

Mechanical Trees…

I haven’t written a technical post here on RJsCorner for some time now. It seems my recent thoughts tend to be more emotional and personal. But, I am still an IT (Information Technology) guy who loved mechanical stuff. As I have mentioned several times before, I got great joy in spending eight years in my barn filling my micro-RV with among other things, technical stuff. … Continue reading Mechanical Trees…

Slave To Electronics

It is a right of passing that all the older generation complain about the habits of younger ones. When I was a kid, after TV was invented, older people complained that TVs were going to rot their kids brains. Then came Rock-And Roll music. Elvis with all his gyrating hips were poisoning adolescence. It would be a few decades before they decried the same thing … Continue reading Slave To Electronics

RetComLife#35 – Outside My Comfort Zone

I have decided to use the upcoming lifetime roadtrip to move out of my comfort zone and look for alternative areas of the country for my retirement community life. Except for four years in New Jersey, and a few months in Guadalajara Mexico, I have spent my life in Indiana, but I have almost no roots here anymore, so maybe it is time to get … Continue reading RetComLife#35 – Outside My Comfort Zone

The Nagging Question About My Roadtrip

I have dreamed of doing a trip similar to John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie for the last sixty years, and now, to some extent, it is about to happen. As a young man, I dreamed of having some of the experiences that Steinbeck encountered. But there is this nagging feeling that that is impossible for me! That is what this post is all about. Much … Continue reading The Nagging Question About My Roadtrip

Life Exists, But It Is Never Fulfilled By Too Much Caution

I sadly have pretty much lived my life based with too much caution. I spent twenty years in a profession that I never really liked because I was afraid to be without a paycheck. I never really managed to live my life on my terms until these last few years. I always wore a mask that others expected me to wear. That is the story … Continue reading Life Exists, But It Is Never Fulfilled By Too Much Caution

Who Would Want To Hire Someone With A Disorder?

This is just another reason why I don’t adopt the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Those of us with Asperger’s know we have valuable assets to offer someone who hires us. Many of us are highly intelligent (>130 IQ) and our attention to details often dwarfs what “normal” people have to offer. Yes, we have some social problems that make it difficult for us to make … Continue reading Who Would Want To Hire Someone With A Disorder?

A Personal Observation About Eating Out…

Before I lived in my retirement community, I used to drive 22 miles to walk the mall every Friday. That ritual included lunch out in selected places. Now that I have the walking path around our community I have gotten out of that routine. Just for old-time sake, I decided to walk the mall one more time. It is now about 0.5 miles away, so … Continue reading A Personal Observation About Eating Out…

I Hate Self-Checkouts

I have always avoided the ever-growing self-checkouts whenever possible. I did so for two reasons They took away jobs for those who have low skills. – Not everyone has the ambition and the ability to learn the skills necessary for higher paying jobs. Some simply have other priorities. But, I do recognize that many of these low paying jobs are going unfilled. Help wanted signs … Continue reading I Hate Self-Checkouts

Some Cling To Traditions…

Some cling to traditions as if it were life itself. I am not one of them. To me, traditions are too often used to cling to prejudice and a fanatical resistance to change, any change. I saw that on display in the Lutheran churches I once belonged to. They would often cite this bible verse or that, to justify their outdated and often prejudiced beliefs. … Continue reading Some Cling To Traditions…

RetComLife # 34 – Starting To Have Some Serious Doubts

I am starting to have my doubts whether I want to make my permanent home here in my present retirement community. That is what this post is all about. First, I am paying a lot of money for things I currently have little use for. My retirement community costs over $40,000/year. That is about average for my area, but it is at least a couple … Continue reading RetComLife # 34 – Starting To Have Some Serious Doubts

Is It Even Possible??

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, want to explore what I want to get from the upcoming extended roadtrip. Two things come immediately to mind. The first is, “Are extended roadtrips even possible for me at this time in my life?” The second thing I hope to get from the trip is to get out of my comfort zone. That is to challenge some of my … Continue reading Is It Even Possible??

Roadtripping, The How-To’s

A few posts ago I tried to convince you to do a roadtrip instead of getting on an airplane. I will soon be going on a roadtrip that is sixty years in the making, so I decided to refresh my knowledge on this subject. To me, preparation is the road to success. This post will give us some of the “how-to’s” of having a successful … Continue reading Roadtripping, The How-To’s