Outside The Box…

For this artsy Saturday, I want to show you an “outside the box” art museum. I love things that stretch your imagination, stretch your brain.  I don’t think there is another building quite like this one.  It is the Milwaukee Museum of Art. I usually only give you one photo for Saturday but since I had trouble picking it I  will give you a few more here. The inside shots are both in the lobby.

Milwaukee Art Museum-3Milwaukee Art Museum-4Milwaukee Art Museum-5

In Search of Architectural Beauty

Milwaukee Museum.jpg

I think the Milwaukee Museum above is the most creative building I have ever been in. It looks out on Lake Michigan. Architecture was one of my early fascinations in life….

Downtown Milwaukee..



Downtown Milwaukee is an interesting place to take a stroll. The small sculptures above were found on one of the many mini-bridges in the city. Click on the picture to see a larger more readable version of the plaque.  Only in Midwestern America would you stop construction of a bridge to wait for a duck to hatch her young…


Milwaukee, WI -Art Museum

Even though the Milwaukee Art museum was designed by a Spanish architect it is very much American in its character. The movable wings are supposedly a sun screen but I kind of thing they are more for looks.

About That Beer…

Milwaukee, WI – Beer Capital of the U.S.

At one time Milwaukee had many different beer manufacturers in its environs. Blatz was one of them but now it is luxury condominiums. The Pabst mansion is also a rather unique place to visit while in Milwaukee. I know beer is primarily German in nature but American beer is well, very American….