Crossing Denominational Boundaries

 Something has been on my mind for the last few day so I am going to interrupt my study of the Kingdom of God for a quick non-related post. What does it take to get individual congregations to cross denominational boundaries for the common good? Jesus told us to be one as He and the Father are one. But it seems that that is an almost impossible task in today’s Christian world. Years ago when I was a Catholic I was told that I could go to another church as long as I “sat on my hands”. That is to say in no way participate in any of their service activities. I realize that since then the Catholic church has revised that advice although I really don’t know to what extent.

To bring up the reason for this post, right at a year ago I organized a benefit dinner for a local Christian homeless shelter at my local church and invited members from twelve other area churches to attend and support the shelter. Of the twelve, not one showed a positive response or any of their members attend! I was planning on making the dinner an annual event, Lord knows the shelter can use the money especially now. I would like to do the dinner again but I don’t think it would be fruitful without Christians in the community attending. I was even somewhat disappointed at my own church members attendance. It was much less than I anticipated. I guess I am gun shy and don’t want to be burned again.