Trip Log – The Corn Palace and …

SL Corn Palace 06 02 1 308x207   SL Corn Palace 06 03 2



 Mitchell Indian Ruins 308x207

SL Mitchell New Friend












Today we spent the morning and early afternoon in Mitchell S.D.  Of course when you think of Mitchell you must think of the Corn Palace.  The first time I was there was at about the age of 8 years.  It seemed much bigger then. Yes, it is covered with corn and redone every years.  This tradition started in 1892. This one is the third building on the site. The first was in 1892 and the second was in 1905 and this one was built in 1921.

We also visited an Indian ruins from about 1000 AD. The lower picture is a recreation from that time period. I also had to sneak in a picture of Yvonne’s new friend from Mitchell.

We are now in Pierre which is the capital of S.D.  We only traveled about 170 miles today but had no detours or road cleaning crews hinder our trip this time. But we were both sleepy (I guess we are starting to  get nap deprived 🙂 ) so had to stop at a rest stop and take a quick siesta before continuing. Our hotel for this evening is on the Missouri river and, I assume, is a regular stop for the sport hunting and fishing crowd as there is a fish gutting station just outside our door. But, at least there is no smell from it. Tomorrow we will see the local sites and then head toward the Black Hills and Bad Lands.