My College Years…

Ok, I have my new scanner and have dusted off all the albums of pictures in the utility closet so I am just about ready to start the project of digitizing all our old pictures. I decided on using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 as the digitizing software. It is a little harder to use than my old software but the results are markedly better.  As I mentioned before this is going to be a five month project as there are thousands of pictures involved.

(Postscript July 2010 — As it turns out this project ended about eight months after it was started.  Typical of me, I underestimated how long it would take)

I made a trial run yesterday using some of the pictures I took when I was in college (Go Purdue) in the 60’s. The new scanner works great. I can scan six pictures at a time and the scanner keeps them separate.  I am definitely going to be making a trip down memory lane as just the few I have already done brought back all kinds of memories.


I went to Purdue between 1965 and 1970. That’s me in the picture. I was a lot skinnier and had a lot more hair in those days! 🙂  It took me five years to graduate as I was working about 40 hours per week in order to pay my way through college so I only managed to take about an 80% class load. I worked in the dormitory cafeteria almost every day during the week and the storeroom on Saturdays.  I lived in Fowler Courts for the whole five years. I learned last year that they have torn down the dormitory that replaced Fowler Courts to build a yet newer one! Boy that makes me feel old! I’ll have some more posts about my college years coming soon. I sure would like to link up with some of my old buddies from those years but have been unable to do so yet. More on that later.