The Radical 60’s

When people think of the 1960’s the first thing that comes to mind are all the protest marches and hippies on the college campuses. I was in college during these years and did see some of that but that was definitely what I was about. As mentioned in the previous post I spent most of my time working, going to classes, studying, working, and working. My dad was a milkman and didn’t have the money to help me through college so I ended up paying my way through by working almost full time and carrying an 80% course load. Most of that time was in the Fowler House cafeteria on the Purdue University West Lafayette campus. I worked my way up from scrubbing pots and pans to being the head waiter.

Fowler House 1

Here is a picture of those days.That is me with my arm around my boss on the right side of the lineup. The guy in the middle with blue jeans was Don. He was killed in Vietnam about a year after this picture was taken. He was a heck of a friend and a super guitar player. He left behind a new wife and a baby that was born after he was killed.  I still think of him quite frequently.

The 60s might be best known for the radicals but as you can see much of the rest of us, even on the college campuses,  were pretty much going on with life in our usual hokey ways 🙂 .On Saturdays we often had special themes for the dinner meal. The one in the picture was, of course, about chuck wagons . I didn’t get much sleep in those years but it was a fun period in my life. I made a lot of good friends but I guess as is typical of guys we never kept in contact after graduation. I am hoping to renew some of those friendships in the coming months through searches on the internet.

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